Metal Accent Ideas for Log Cabins

While log cabins traditionally feature the wood heavily, that does not make them without balance. In many cases, that balance is some form of metal. You have many options for your log cabin, whether you enjoy a traditional style or a modernist take on metal pieces. The idea is not to overwhelm the logs, and instead to complement them.


Every room needs some form of flat surface for storage, which makes it an option for metal accents. In a log cabin, rounded or organic shapes tend to work with the logs rather than standing out on their own. This harmony is often more apparent in warm-colored metals as well, such as brass.


Classic bathtubs were freestanding items that drew the eye to the focal point of the bathroom. You can achieve a similar effect with the tubs for your log home. Today, many metal tubs are made of recycled materials, which offers the bonus of being environmentally friendly. Copper is a fabulous choice, as it works with most types of log exceedingly well.

Chic Cushions

While metal is not generally what comes to mind with cushions, several companies do manufacture them. These pillows are typically soft with metal or metal-inspired accents. These pillows are easy to rearrange to your taste, serve a functional purpose, and provide a metallic contrast within a room. Chick pillows are an excellent option for the modern log cabin.


Lamps are a fantastic way to add a unique accent. While there are lamps crafted with wood, many designs are only available in metal. Using lights in pairs can create a balanced feel within a room. It also provides you a creative opportunity. Whether you prefer a soft look or a bold one, lamps are a functional choice for adding metal accents to your log cabin.


Another outstanding option for adding metallic accents is sculptures. In general, smaller sculptures are simple to place within a log cabin. These items can decorate bookshelves, tables, nightstands, and even floating shelves. Sculptures, like all art, is an expression. The pieces you’re drawn to when you’re shopping often have a meaning to you in addition to being beautiful.

Functional Pieces

Sometimes, metallic accents do not need to be decorative. They can also be incredibly functional. For example, metallic accents in the bathroom of your log cabin may take the form of bath accessories. Meanwhile, accents in the living room may include the tools to tend to a minibar. There are no rules stating that metallic accents can only be decorative, and you can take advantage of that.

Fireplace Accessories

In many log cabins, the fireplace forms the focal point of the main room. This scene often includes a healthy fire ensconced in the fireplace. Off to the side is the fire tending tools, which are usually metallic themselves. You can also add a more decorative screen to accent the fireplace itself. The choice of accenting your log cabin and fireplace can quickly speak to your individual style.

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