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Recent trends have shown that Americans and people in several other countries remain interested in purchasing new homes amid concern over a potential housing slowdown. If you are one of the people who is ready to purchase a new home, you are probably considering all of your options for home construction materials. While log homes may be one of the areas experiencing renewed interest, steel materials remain a durable, affordable option that may appeal to your recycling and sustainability interests.

Is Log Home Construction Picking Up?

According to a recent press release* from a Canadian publication, the owner of Norse Log Homes says sales of these types of houses are picking up not only in Canada, but in the US, Japan and China as well. A recent NY Times article** said that sales of new homes in the US jumped 10.7% in October. With new homes sales ticking upward, what type of materials should you choose for your new home purchase or current home renovation?

As a conscientious and practical homeowner who wants to provide your family with a gorgeous place to live, you may be considering various aspects associated with your siding material:

  • Is the product sustainable?
  • Is the product recyclable/renewable?
  • How energy efficient is the siding material?
  • Is the product manufactured in the US or abroad?
  • How long will the product last?

Today’s housing industry both imports and exports home construction materials, so if you want to minimize your carbon footprint while building a new home, then you must consider where the material was assembled and how it got here.

Choosing a Recyclable, American-Manufactured Material

The article in the Canadian publication addresses the issue of material shortage in a day and age when raw logs are being exported to other countries. The multi-nation demand for new log homes can affect the price and availability of log materials where you live.

The steel siding product we make is manufactured in America. Compared to logs (and even compared to concrete siding), we offer an affordable option that has the potential to last for decades. If you ever decide to take down your TruLog™ siding, it’s 100% recyclable. It also increases the insulating properties of your home, and you may see savings in your energy bills.

You get all of these TruLog™ benefits while still being able to enjoy the aesthetic of a faux-log home. Although the siding isn’t made of wood, it is designed to look like logs, retaining both the natural colors of logs, and the hewing and chinking associated with a traditional log-home appearance.

If you are considering choosing a recyclable, durable, American-assembled siding product for your home project, please call the TruLog™ team at 970-646-4490 for a free estimate. We are based in Loveland, CO, but ship our siding product directly to you, anywhere in the US.



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