Master Bedroom Ideas: Inviting Color Schemes for Your Cabin

Your cabin’s master bedroom should be a place of comfort and relaxation. Whether you live in your cabin full-time or use it for weekend getaways, you want your space to feel inviting and comfortable enough to lay your head down to rest at night.

Choosing the right color scheme for your master bedroom can instantly transform your space and make it feel welcoming. Here are some ideas:

Cabin Master Bedroom Color Ideas

Steel Blue and White

If your cabin has cooler tones, steel blue and white will complement your space well. The blue-gray tones will add color to your space without clashing with your cabin’s earthy tones. White will brighten up the space.

Blue blankets, shams and window treatments will add splashes of color to your room. White sheets, pillows and accents will keep the room light and airy. Together, these two colors will add interest to your space. Blue tones aren’t especially common in cabins, but choosing a cooler hue will make this color work.

White and Sand

Cabins tend to have dark, earthy tones. Lighter hues of white and sand can balance out these deep, rich colors to make the room feel more open and bright.

Sandy colors can be warm or cool, so choose a hue that complements your wall color and décor.

White and sand is a color scheme that will work well in any cabin.

Light Gray and Hazelnut

For a more masculine color scheme, try light gray and hazelnut. The lighter gray will brighten up the room and contrast against any wood or stone elements in the room. Hazelnut will complement the earthy tones in your cabin.

Choose a hazelnut that is either lighter or darker than the other browns in your room for a nice contrast. Too much of the same color can make the space feel flat and underwhelming.

Rust and Chestnut

Browns are a natural choice for cabin interiors, and chestnut is a great option. Choose a shade of chestnut that contrasts with your cabin walls. Rust will add warmth and color while complementing the nutty shades in this color scheme.

The mix of rust and chestnut works well if you want a more masculine color scheme in your master bedroom.

Merlot and Navy

If you prefer richer colors, merlot and navy will work well in the bedroom. Although darker, these shades add warmth and make the space feel inviting without being too overwhelming. They complement the natural tones found in cabins while adding color and contrast.

You may even find plaid patterns with these two colors, which would allow you to incorporate patterns into your bedroom without making the space feel too busy. Go for deeper shades of merlot and navy.

The right color scheme can make your cabin’s master bedroom feel warm and inviting. These color schemes will give you inspiration and a place to start when redecorating your space. Make sure that you choose colors that match your personality and personal style so that you enjoy spending time in your space.

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