5 Problems with Masonite Lap Siding

When homeowners are looking for alternatives to real wood, they often come across masonite clapboard siding, also called hardboard or masonite lap. It is a  woodchip composite that is sealed with resin, and it is based on a design that was intended to provide the same aesthetic appeal as wood, but without all the intensive maintenance. 

Unfortunately, these good intentions didn’t pan out as predicted, and homeowners have typically experienced significant issues with masonite lap siding. Take a look at some of the major concerns of masonite clapboard, and you’ll see exactly why homeowners are opting for a smarter solution as a replacement: wood-look steel.

1. Fading

Color is key to a homeowner’s vision for their exterior. Lots of thought is put into the siding as well as all the coordinated elements, like trim, door color, roofing, shutters, and other decorative outdoor features. Not only does color fading compromise the homeowner’s design, it also draws attention to the damage. Siding almost never fades uniformly, which means the home is left with blotchy areas that make the deterioration that much more noticeable.

Masonite lap siding is particularly susceptible to color fading, largely due to its vulnerability to sun exposure. Homeowners should be prepared to repaint masonite clapboard regularly in order to keep the color consistent and clear.

2. Rotting 

Any siding product that is made from real wood will have some level of susceptibility to rotting. The added concern with masonite lap siding is that it consists of several layers of wood chips, supporting the uptake of water and increasing the risk of water damage and rotting over time. Rotten boards are unsightly, but they’re also dangerous. The masonite clapboard siding panels can soften and deteriorate due to rotting, which can compromise the structural integrity and protection of the home.

3. Insect Damage

Wood siding is also threatened by the potential of insect activity. Pests like termites and carpenter ants are drawn to wood, and they can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage when building nests and burrowing inside masonite lap siding. Panels that have been softened due to moisture damage can attract insects even more, leading to extensive damage throughout the home’s exterior.

4. Blistering

Masonite lap siding was originally intended to be lower maintenance than real wood siding, however it is a flawed design that often leads to more issues, including blistering that can occur in the paint or in the board itself when the layers of wood begin to separate. Blistering can occur after prolonged exposure to heat or moisture, and it usually requires total panel replacement.

5. Mold & Mildew Damage

Water absorption is natural with masonite lap siding because of its wood-based composition. When moisture lingers, as it often does with masonite panels, it provides the perfect environment for mold and mildew growth. Not only does this result in visible stains that are unattractive, but it also poses a health concern — especially when the mold spreads to other parts of the house, like interior living spaces.

TruLog Lap Siding: A Better Alternative / Replacement

masonite lap siding

There’s no need to give up your dreams of having a beautiful wood exterior for your home. The solution is to simply choose a siding product that is intentionally built to last, with little to no maintenance.

TruLog provides the solution, with gorgeous wood-look siding that’s built with a heavy-duty steel core and several protective layers to defend against the elements. It outperforms masonite lap and many other siding materials by delivering a quality, high-performance product that still showcases the aesthetic style of natural wood patterning. Overall, it’s a better alternative to masonite lap — and it’s much easier to install and maintain!

The other obvious benefit of TruLog siding is that it is available in a wide variety of wood-look styles. For homeowners that love the look of lap, TruLog has traditional lap siding in a huge range of colors, like Modern Farmhouse White and HD Dark Walnut Wood Grain.

TruLog also has easy-to-install board and batten siding for charming cottage styles, and for homeowners who are fond of the classic cabin aesthetic, TruLog even offers rounded steel log siding — it looks just like natural cabin logs, but with the long-lasting performance of heavy-duty steel!

The Smart Alternative to Masonite Lap Siding 

All TruLog products are infused with a galvanized alloy to prevent rust and corrosion, too. Compared to traditional wood siding, like masonite lap, wood-look steel proves to be the smarter alternative in every aspect. 

TruLog siding provides homeowners with the peace of mind that they’re getting a beautiful product that will maintain its original allure for decades to come. Download our Lap Siding Buyers Guide today to explore a smart wood-style siding alternative or replacement for your home.

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