Making Your Own Log Furniture

You have the perfect log cabin, but now you need the perfect furniture to go inside it. You’ll want to find pieces that fit the rustic look of log cabins; however, buying log furniture is expensive. Instead, you can make it for a fraction of the price with a little woodworking knowhow. Doing so lets you furnish your whole cabin with beautiful log furniture without breaking the bank.

The Log Furniture Process

The first part of the process for log furniture is the logs themselves. If you don’t want to harvest from your land, obtaining raw logs may require some ingenuity. Raw logs are not generally available at the local hardware store. You will then need to remove the bark from the wood. Then the log must be stored appropriately until you’re ready to make the furniture. This storage prevents decay from taking hold before you start.

The most technical part of your quest to build furniture for your log cabin is the joints, which are a complicated proposition for beginners. Without the right joints, your log furniture simply will not last. Making this decision is part of your design process.

Once you’ve made decisions, it’s time to actually go through the cutting, assembling, sanding, and finishing steps. Depending on what type of log furniture you’re building, this may take a few sessions.


Choosing your log furniture designs carefully is essential. This furniture will last a long time. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to select methods and looks that compliment your log cabin. After all, this furniture may outlast you. Fortunately, log cabin furniture tends to have simple lines and a classic look that fits well with many unique styles.


The tools necessary for log furniture vary based on the final look you want in your log furniture. It is possible to complete your entire log furniture collection without a single power tool. However, you’ll have to put in a lot more work.

The other option involves using modern tools, such as electric saws and sanders. Additionally, the necessary joints are a little easier with a power jointer. Using these tools can remove some of the character from your final log furniture pieces, so it’s important you weigh the outcomes.


There are two significant considerations for materials, the wood and the finish. These will alter the overall appearance of your log furniture over the course of its life, and even the lifespan itself. Different wood species age differently and some species are more susceptible to decay over time.

Another consideration is how you want to finish your log furniture. While true rusticism would require no finish whatsoever, the furniture you make for your log cabin may not last as long, depending on your environmental conditions. Exposure to the elements or pervasive humidity could destroy the furniture you worked to make. A simple, clear coat is enough to preserve your log furniture for the years to come.

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