Make a Room of Your Home Look Like a Log Cabin

Lodge by James Petts Some homeowners desire to make a room or rooms in the house look like those of a log cabin, and seek a log-like interior that can be installed over existing walls or sheet rock.

The patented TruLog™ steel siding system can give your house the rustic charm and cozy feel of an authentic log home, inside or out. TruLog also offers a number of benefits over other options. TruLog is not suited to every home interior, so feel free to contact us to learn whether TruLog is right for you.

TruLog™ for a True Look

TruLog’s panels are raised and contoured like the timber used in traditional log homes, and TruLog is true down to the tiny details like wood grain.

The panels are assembled for a seamless fit, and they feature the distinctive hew lines and chink lines of real log homes. TruLog is also available in multiple colors that replicate different types of woods and staining hues.

Green for the Planet (and Your Wallet)

TruLog is backed by thick foam that provides superior insulation compared with other log and wood siding choices, and it can enhance your home’s energy efficiency, saving you money on your power bills.

Made of durable, fire-resistant steel, TruLog’s panels are also 100 percent recyclable should you eventually decide to change the look of your room.

Log Cabin Flourishes

Log-like siding such as TruLog can help you achieve the look of a traditional log cabin interior. But there are additional touches you can add to enhance that warm, cozy vibe.

Include furniture that features natural materials like leather and wood. Add creative accents, such as tables and lamps that are made of wood, iron or stone. Earth tones like dark browns, deep blues and rich greens also complement the woodsy feel.

You may also opt to install a faux wood floor or laminate flooring that resembles wood. For extra comfort and added aesthetics, you can top the floor with an appropriately patterned area rug or faux bearskin rug.

For additional information about TruLog, please contact TruLog online or call us at 970-646-4490. TruLog is based in Loveland, Colorado, but we ship nationwide and work with installers in multiple states including Colorado, Wyoming, Missouri, Texas and Pennsylvania.

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TruLog Product Catalog

TruLog Product Catalog

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