Maintaining TruLog™ Steel Siding

One of the many benefits of TruLog™ steel siding when compared to vinyl siding, wood siding or traditional log exteriors is that TruLog™ is essentially maintenance-free.

Wood Exteriors and Moisture

Log homes and houses with wood panel or shingle exteriors require vigilance and maintenance to protect them from moisture-related damage.

The wood in log homes and wood-sided homes must be cleaned, stained and sealed on a regular basis to protect against mildew, mold and eventual wood rot. If not properly maintained, moisture-related damage in a wood exterior can affect the structural integrity of your home.

TruLog™ siding is coated to protect against moisture damage while providing the look and texture of natural wood. TruLog’s secure mounting accessories further protect against moisture accumulation under the siding panels, a feature unmatched by vinyl siding.

Cleaning TruLog™ Siding

Garden Hose - Water by Beth Kingery - Although vinyl siding is easier to maintain than wood exteriors, it is not without drawbacks.

Vinyl siding is also vulnerable to mildew and mold growth, especially in shaded or high-moisture areas. This is because vinyl siding is nailed to a home through slots on the siding panel hems, which allows the siding to hang but leaves space for moisture to accumulate; to prevent mold and mildew, vinyl siding should be washed regularly with a cleaning solution.

TruLog, on the other hand, can be easily cleaned with a rinse from your garden hose should you notice dirt accumulation or bird droppings. TruLog™ further requires no staining or sealing.

Maintenance-Free Log Siding

Many people considering log homes don’t think about the maintenance costs involved.

Basic, routine maintenance for log houses includes the application of stains and sealants, as well as the regular inspection and repair of the chinking, and the repair or replacement of logs that have split or rotted. Depending on your location and the condition of your home’s wood, pests like termites and ants also pose a potential problem.

More durable and energy efficient than timber, TruLog™ gives your home an authentic log cabin feel without the maintenance costs and concerns.

If you’re considering a log home or log-like siding for an existing structure, please contact TruLog online or call us at 970-646-4490 to learn more about the advantages of this revolutionary steel-siding system. TruLog™ is based in Loveland, Colorado, but we ship nationwide and work with installers in multiple states, including Colorado, Wyoming and Missouri.

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TruLog Product Catalog

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