Luxury Touches for Log Cabins

While the point of a log cabin is an escape for most people, that does not mean the cabin cannot have a few luxuries. These luxuries will help your time feel more like you’re on vacation each time you use them. Plus, none of these are over the top and attention-grabbing, so they blend into your log cabin perfectly.


You spend a significant amount of time sleeping, so adding some extra comfort in the bedding is logical. For example, you could buy the same duvet cover used at the Ritz Carlton for your master bedroom. High quality sheets, pillowcases, and comforters remind you every time you go to bed how comfortable this luxury touch can be.


For coffee aficionados, the day doesn’t start without a roast. Instead of creating the perfect morning expresso by hand, investing in a machine to handle all the drink preparation steps lets you simply enjoy it. The modern coffee machine brings the luxury of exquisite coffee to your log cabin kitchen; no barista required.

Towel Warmer

Nothing feels quite the same as a warm towel at the end of a shower or soak. Fortunately, towel warmers are a fabulous option for log homes. Many are understated pieces that look perfect regardless of your bathroom décor. The modern towel warmer evenly heats towels day in and day out for the ideal luxury feel on demand.


Hammocks made of string work well and are versatile. However, luxury comes in once you procure a pillow top hammock. These hammocks are typically available in a wide variety of colors, so it matches your log cabin. However, pillow tops are infinitely more comfortable to sink into for a nap.

Wine Dispenser

Wine is one of the luxuries of life, and a wine dispenser helps you enjoy it more fully. These dispensers aim to keep the wine bottles chilled and sealed while dispensing the wine on demand. These devices are a great way to enjoy wine without worrying about when to finish the bottle or finding the ice cubes.

Hot Tub

Few things say luxury like a hot tub with its precision jets and warm water. A log cabin hot tub is the perfect way to unwind after exploring the great outdoors. The warm soothes, while the jets wash away any lingering muscle soreness. The modern hot tub is even customizable, so you can get the hot tub that matches your log cabin perfectly and has all the features you deserve.

Custom Details

Whether you’re building or remodeling a log home, the beauty is in the details. Adding custom detail work can dramatically increase the luxurious feel of the space without being overt about it. For example, if you enjoy a bath and candles, creating a sculpture to hold those candles can enhance your experience. These custom details are unique to you, from carving the banister to designing a room. All you need to do is enjoy them.

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