Luxury Fort Collins Log Home

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On a 40-acre Fort Collins property sits a 6,200 square-foot log home that’s the envy of the neighborhood. The home is listed for $975,000. But beyond the home’s luxury price, this home is invaluable because of the passion, commitment and drive that went into its design and construction. As a Loveland, Colorado company, we have a particular appreciation for the craftsmanship and heart that went into making this home a reality.

Best Features of the Home

According to the Coloradoan, Dwight Lutsey is a longtime Northern Colorado resident who decided to build a large, upscale log cabin home in the foothills of Fort Collins. But this home is truly unique because every aspect of it – from the overall layout to the tiniest design details – were conceived by the artistic talent of Mr. Lutsey himself. Some of the standout features of the home include:

  • Spacious, open floor plan
  • Three unique staircases
  • Central spiral staircase constructed from a log 2 feet in diameter
  • Design accents influenced by traditional Japanese art
  • Wraparound decks
  • Ideal orientation for mountain and sunset views

Lutsey spent time as an artist in Japan and has thus designed many features of his home with Japanese flourishes, according to the Coloradoan. For example, the lower level is a completely open, spacious layout while the upper level acts as a narrower mezzanine. The home is said to also have a lower level for guests, a movie theater and a master suite.

Innovate Your Own Log-Style Home

Mr. Lutsey put his skill, talent and heart into the construction of this very special Colorado home. As a team committed to excellence in home construction materials, the staff at TruLog™ fully believes anyone can build the home of their dreams within their budget and abilities. While Mr. Lutsey’s home may be at the grand end of the spectrum, you too can create your own Northern Colorado log-style abode.

While logs like those Mr. Lutsey used have long been used for home construction in the US, you can have the look of a log home without the expense and maintenance that comes with such materials. TruLog™ is made of heavy gauge steel but looks highly lifelike. We have incorporated hewing lines, imitation chinking and natural colors to re-create the look of wood; however, TruLog™ is maintenance free, unlike wood logs that require re-sealing, repainting and other routine care. Just like the Fort Collins home discussed above, you can locate your own home on the mountain property of your dreams while staying on-budget with a durable, long-lasting steel siding material.

If you would like a free quote for the cost of TruLog™ for your project, please call our experienced team at 970-646-4490. The TruLog™ team is located in Loveland, Colorado, and we ship steel siding directly to you, anywhere in the country.


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