LP SmartSide Lap Siding: Pros & Cons and A New Alternative to Consider

Lp Smartside Lap Siding: Pros & Cons and Alternatives

There are many things to consider when building with LP SmartSide lap siding. It has particular pros and cons that make it a good choice compared with wood, but it’s not the only lap siding material to consider.

Wondering whether LP SmartSide lap siding is the right choice for your next renovation project? Take a look at some of the pros and cons and see how it compares to the other popular siding options.

What is LP SmartSide Lap Siding?

LP SmartSide lap siding is made from engineered wood, which means that the core material is wood. However, it has undergone an extensive treatment process to enhance strength and resistance to some fungal elements and moisture.

Essentially, LP SmartSide lap siding is produced by bonding an assortment of wood fibers and strips with a heavy-duty resin. A zinc borate treatment helps the wood siding become more resistant to termite damage and fungal growth.

Homeowners often choose LP SmartSide lap siding when they are searching for a material with a similar aesthetic to wood but with greater resistance to damage. It’s high-tech treatment makes it much longer lasting than raw, untreated wood lap siding. The increased longevity and strength is the major selling point that attracts most homeowners.

Lap Siding Offers a Classic Look

Lap siding offers a very classic look that is iconic for residential buildings. There’s more than just one kind of lap! Dutch lap, vertical lap, and double lap siding provide a range of variations to consider. What these styles have in common is the linear layout and slight overlap that creates the beveled edge of lap siding.

LP SmartSide lap siding is a good example of this timeless style that expresses subtle texture and a clean, organized look throughout the exterior. However, it’s important to note that it’s not the only choice out there — many other lap siding materials are available, so it’s worth really considering the pros and cons before making a choice.

LP SmartSide Pros and Cons

Take a look at some of the pros and cons of LP SmartSide lap before deciding if it’s the right choice for your project.


There’s no question that engineered wood siding can last longer and maintain its beauty better than untreated wood. LP SmartSide is able to do that because of its unique engineering and composition. Here are some of the clear advantages of LP SmartSide lap:

Beautiful Wood Grain Patterning

LP SmartSide is produced using real wood scraps and fibers, so the finished product has the ability to showcase that natural warmth and texture of wood.

Stronger than Untreated Wood

The resin bonding process results in a product that is more resistant to impact damage.

Resistant to Termites and Fungal Decay

In addition, the zinc borate treatment makes LP SmartSide less susceptible to termite damage and fungal decay to make it a stronger choice than untreated wood lap.


Like most building materials, this product does have some drawbacks:

May Need to Be Painted After Installation

Some LP SmartSide products are available with prefinished colors, and some dealers recommend painting LP SmartSide lap panels during installation, which can prolong project duration.

Ongoing Aesthetic Maintenance

Whether you have a prefinished LP SmartSide product or not, painting is a necessary part of ongoing maintenance for all engineered wood products. Stains are not recommended, and the LP SmartSide manufacturer strongly recommends acrylic latex paint specifically designed for wood composites.


LP SmartSide is made from real wood fibers and scraps, which means that it is naturally flammable. When a home features flammable siding, fire safety and overall property risk can be influenced.

All in all, LP SmartSide lap siding offers many advantages over basic materials like untreated wood and vinyl. However, it’s still important to take all of the qualities into consideration when making such a large investment.

TruLog Provides a Strong Alternative

TruLog Provides a Strong Alternative to Lp Smartside Lap Siding

If you’re looking for a classic lap siding product that requires a lot less maintenance than LP SmartSide, TruLog has a great alternative. TruLog’s maintenance-free siding is built from high-quality steel, yet it’s intentionally designed to recreate the charming appeal of natural wood. This means all the natural colors and wood grain patterns are there — along with the advantage of a heavy-duty steel core.

It has a Class A fire rating, so steel siding provides peace of mind when it comes to fire safety in the home. Long-lasting color consistency, a Class A fire rating, natural wood-look patterning, enhanced strength, and excellent weather-resistance make TruLog lap siding a great alternative to consider.
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