LP Smartside Lap Siding: Price, Long-Term Costs, and an Alternative

Everyone knows about the vulnerabilities of wood siding: moisture damage, rotting, sun damage, termites, and cracking are all common complaints that homeowners share about wood siding. For this reason, lots of people are turning to a stronger, more durable type of wood siding. As an engineered wood product, LP SmartSide lap siding provides an easy way to get the beauty of wood without as much risk of damage and repair work.

Before you buy LP SmartSide lap siding for your home, it’s important to know all the ins and outs of this modern siding material. After all, there are lots of options on the market – including an easy alternative to LP SmartSide lap that provides a longer-lasting performance without as much upkeep.

Read on for a better understanding of what you can expect with LP SmartSide lap, including advantages, disadvantages, and costs. Then, compare it to any alternative that offers a better bang for your buck.

Breaking Down LP SmartSide Lap

First things first: what is LP SmartSide lap siding? Classified as an engineered wood product, LP SmartSide lap siding is made from wood fibers and strands that are strongly bonded together using a high-quality resin. Once the siding planks are formed, they are coated with a powerful wax that improves the overall durability and adds an extra layer of protection to withstand the elements.

Because of its composition, LP SmartSide lap siding is considered an upgrade from natural wood siding, which is prone to water damage, warping, buckling, and decay from everyday exposure to the elements, like rain, sun, wind, and snow. In addition to its better weather protection and enhanced strength, LP SmartSide lap siding is often an attractive option because of the variety of styles that are available.

LP SmartSide Pros and Cons

As with any material, there are pros and cons to be considered when assessing the potential of LP SmartSide lap siding. 


Let’s take a look at some of the advantages this type of engineered wood siding offers.

Attractive Wood-Style Aesthetic

LP SmartSide lap siding can be crafted to look like ‘real’ planks of wood, making it an attractive option for homeowners who like the rustic charm of wood siding.


Unlike natural wood which is very accommodating for termites, carpenter ants, wasps, and other pests, LP SmartSide offers better pest resistance because of its strong wax coating and resin.


Mold can be a serious eyesore and headache to deal with. Not only is it ugly, but mold growth can affect the surrounding air quality and cause potential issues for those with allergies and mold sensitivities. LP SmartSide is coated with a water-resistant wax, zinc borate, which cuts down on excess moisture lingering around the surface. This effectively makes it more difficult for mold to form on the siding.

Lightweight and Easy to Work with

Another advantage of LP SmartSide is that it is quite lightweight and easy to work with. It does not require the experience or skills that some manufactured products, like fiber cement, require, making it ideal for DIY homeowners.


LP SmartSide lap siding has lots of advantages over natural wood, however it still faces particular challenges that keep it from being the best siding material on the market. Take a look at some of the most significant drawbacks of LP SmartSide lap siding:

Must Be Cleaned Often

LP SmartSide lap requires routine cleaning, making it a fairly high-maintenance building material.

Can Get Damaged with Pressure Washing

It can be challenging to clean LP SmartSide lap siding without causing damage. Most manufacturers advise against using a pressure washer, which means you’re stuck with more laborious forms of cleaning, like scrub brushes and hoses.

Fairly Weak Warranty

Most warranties are limited, covering defects for only a few years.

Requires Repainting Every 5-10 Years

Be sure to budget for an additional coat of paint every so often.


Though LP SmartSide lap siding is more durable than natural wood, it is just as flammable.

LP SmartSide Lap Siding Costs

The good news is that LP SmartSide lap siding prices are considered pretty reasonable, falling between $5 to $10 per square foot. However, this price range is for the basics and does not cover trim, paint, or other essentials. LP SmartSide lap siding costs may seem like a good deal up front, but they don’t reflect the ongoing maintenance work and repairs that are inevitable with LP SmartSide lap siding.

Wood-Look Steel Lap Siding Is A Fantastic Alternative

For an even better balance of durability, low maintenance, and aesthetics, homeowners should look into wood look steel lap siding from TruLog. Offering wood-inspired styles in a range of authentic colors, TruLog siding is essentially maintenance-free, thanks to a heavy-duty steel core that provides a Class 4 Impact Rating. TruLog siding has a 30-year warranty and a Class A Fire Rating, which provides better overall protection for the home.

Contact TruLog today to explore a wide range of styles that can enhance your home with beauty and strength for many years to come! Our Lap Siding Buyers Guide is sure to help you make the right decision.

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