Low Water Garden Ideas

These days, it is increasingly important that we all take steps to save water. However, this doesn’t mean that your garden needs to look half-done! Here are some ideas that we’ve come up with that can make your garden look good with little water.

Cover the ground with plants

One of the best ways to ensure that you have a well-manicured garden is to add lots of plants. This helps your soil not to erode and keeps moisture within the garden. Plus, it can look a lot better than bare ground! Use grasses and succulents with various shades to keep the tapestry of plants diverse and interesting.

Decomposed Granite

Decomposed granite is soft and absorbent, and it can come in a variety of shades. This is the ideal flexible material to use in your back garden, as it is easy and pleasant to walk on, blends in seamlessly with any plants, and works well with other garden features to absorb and drain moisture.

Dry creek bed

A dry creek bed is a great way to create beautiful features in your garden without using too much water (if any). It consists of a rocky channel amongst plants – resembling a river bed without the water.

These dry creek beds look great, but they can also stop drainage, reduce run-off and prevent erosion. They are also easy to create – simply arrange pebbles in a long line, so they resemble a creek. Then, plant shrubs, grass, and flowers alongside. You could even add a bridge, stepping stones or a log as an extra feature! There is no need to install any water, but it will naturally catch any rain, giving a beautiful water run-off effect.

You don’t need fancy water features to have an effective and aesthetically pleasing garden! Simply use one (or all) of these solutions above and enjoy the outdoors sustainably.

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