Low-Cost Luxury: Mobile Home Log Cabins

Looking for that perfect rustic getaway, but don’t have the time or resources to build it from scratch? Or maybe you’re looking for a cabin, but all of the ones near you fall squarely outside of your price range? Don’t let that be the end of your dreams for the perfect log cabin! With a little bit of creativity, you can turn anything into a beautiful wilderness destination, including a prefabricated or manufactured home.

Prefab houses, or mobile homes, to those of us not in the construction business, are a lot cheaper and easier to find than custom-built log cabins. However, that doesn’t have to stop them being a beautiful destination! With just a little bit of care and planning, you can turn a double-wide into a slice of heaven on earth.

The Classic Log Cabin Meets Modern Materials

Although many dream of owning a log cabin of their own, there are often two obstacles in the way: price and maintenance needs. However, both of these problems can be remedied by going the route of remodeling a mobile home with a superior, modern material.

It might seem contradictory, but opting for a non-wood siding for your mobile home is very advantageous. TruLog siding is a faux log siding option made of durable steel. Steel is arguably one of the toughest siding options out there for homeowners and is more versatile than you might think. TruLog siding offers the classic half-log timber look, complete with realistic wood grain and chinking lines, without the expensive and time-consuming care needs.

Beauty aside, even the most dedicated wood lover must admit that timber or log siding is one of, if not the most, high-care sidings you could get. Log cabins with neglected exteriors can deteriorate quickly and, more often than not, it was never the homeowner’s intention.

Real log cabins require regular maintenance in the form of staining and sealing, careful cleaning, and regular inspections to spot trouble. Insects and wildlife (i.e. woodpeckers) might be tempted to call your log cabin home as well, leading to severe damage and expensive repairs.

TruLog steel siding is, therefore, truly a beneficial alternative for your mobile home log cabin. The only care needs you’ll need to tend to include cleaning when the exterior gets dirty. Insects and wildlife pests won’t be a concern, either. Although TruLog might have a slightly higher upfront cost than cheaper woods, consider that you’ll be saving money in the form of future repairs and the costs of stains and/or sealers that you’d be purchasing if you go the route of real wood.

Case Study: Mobile Home Turned Log Cabin

There are plenty of folks out there turning unimpressive mobile homes into stunning log cabins.

For instance, take a look at what the McCormacks did for their double-wide trailer in Oklahoma. Instead of buying a plot of land and starting from scratch, or investing in a home they couldn’t afford to fix up, the McCormacks decided to take matters into their own hands and turn this 2200 square foot trailer into a rustic cabin-inspired home.

With the money they saved on real estate, the McCormacks were able to completely overhaul the interior of their double-wide manufactured home, turning it from bland and standard into anything but. From wood paneling in the interior, to custom lighting, to installing beautiful wood siding on the exterior of the house, the McCormacks turned a run-of-the-mill manufactured building into their customized dream home.

According to the McCormacks, the project took around 60-70 thousand dollars, altogether. Pretty cheap, considering they were able to get something so beautiful out of a prefab mobile home! By keeping flexible about your starting options, you’ll be a lot more likely to get what you’re looking for out of your cabin. Not only do the McCormacks have their dream getaway for less than the price of a new tract home, it’s got an excellent lakeside view on Oklahoma’s Lake Tenkiller, and they turned it into exactly what they wanted!

You don’t have to just admire what the McCormacks did, you can consider turning your home into a wilderness getaway, too. If you have the urge to escape to the mountains, but don’t quite have the funds for a custom-built cabin, don’t worry! There are many options available to you, including our TruLog steel siding.

In fact, Jim in North Dakota used TruLog to create this beautiful Log Cabin.

“We are very happy about our project to turn our ‘double wide’ into our ‘cabin on the lake’. Now the exterior matches the finishes and furnishings of the interior. The TruLog siding looks great and has added significant insulation and value to our cabin. Through instructional videos and telephone assistance provided by TruLog, our contractor found the company easy to work with and materials easy to install. To anyone looking for a rustic cabin look to their property, I would recommend TruLog both as a vendor and a product.”

Making Your Log Cabin Dream a Reality

Mobile homes are exceptionally versatile and, with the help of TruLog siding, could be perfect solution to getting the log cabin you’ve always wanted minus the pricetag. Purchasing a quality used mobile home is a economical option if you don’t already own one. Whether you’re purchasing a mobile home with the purpose of turning it into a log cabin or you already own a mobile home, be sure to check with the manufacturer that your model is able to be re-sided. Although rare, certain models don’t allow for this.

If you have any questions about the first steps you should take, please contact us today! We’re always happy to help people make their house a home.

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