Log Siding for Mobile Homes: a Great, Long-Lasting Aesthetic

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Crafted to add rustic charm to the exterior, log siding for mobile homes is designed to help homeowners beautify their property and dial up the curb appeal. While there are many log siding products on the market, not all of them offer the same quality.

Let’s compare the options so you can find the best log siding for your mobile home:

Why it’s a Good Idea to Add Log Siding to a Mobile Home

Why it’s a Good Idea to Add Log Siding to a Mobile Home

With approximately 22 million people living in mobile homes throughout the United States, it’s no surprise that there’s a strong desire to personalize the exterior to help it stand out – especially for those who are living in an area specifically designed for manufactured homes. Customization isn’t the only driving factor that causes people to look for log siding for mobile homes, however…

There are many other reasons why homeowners may want to change the siding on their mobile home, including the need for better weather protection, to replace deteriorated siding, or even the desire to disguise the mobile home and make it appear more like a fixed structure. These are all valid reasons for replacing old siding with a fresh exterior, but homeowners should beware that not all types of log siding for mobile homes offer the same advantages.

Different Types of Log Siding for Mobile Homes

Different Types of Log Siding for Mobile Homes

The material composition of the siding will play a major role in its durability, longevity, and weather resistance. The stronger the siding, the longer it is likely to last, meaning it can bring better lifetime value to the homeowner. Take a look at some of the costs, installation requirements, and upkeep needs of log siding for mobile homes.

Natural Wood Log Siding

Though it’s certainly one of the oldest siding materials out there, natural wood is anything but “tried and true”. Natural wood siding is rarely used in modern building projects these days simply because it comes with so many risks and requires a ton of time to install in order to show off its natural wood grain in a good light.

Extremely susceptible to moisture damage, fire, rotting, and drying out, wood log siding tends to deteriorate quickly and cause issues. It also needs heavy maintenance in order to keep it looking nice. Painting, staining, and caulking need to be done every 2-3 years to avoid significant cosmetic problems.

Composite Wood Log Siding

Composite wood log siding for mobile homes is one of the more affordable options on the market. Similar to natural wood siding, composite wood siding is a flammable material that also requires regular maintenance. Though it is considerably stronger than natural wood – in terms of durability – composite wood can still accrue moisture damage and dry rot in the right conditions. 

Vinyl Log Siding 

Vinyl is another affordable option for homeowners to consider. Vinyl is slightly stronger than composite wood log siding for mobile homes, and it tends to be easier to install as well. Though vinyl log siding does a decent job of imitating real wood, it often has a sheen to it that gives away its plastic composition. For that reason, the aesthetic value of vinyl is not comparable to other, more authentic options. Because of its composition, vinyl is also more susceptible to mold and mildew growth along the surface.

Wood-Look Steel Log Siding

Wood-Look Steel Log Siding

Super easy to install, steel log siding for mobile homes provides better durability, weather protection, and aesthetic quality than other siding options. Unlike all the other materials on this list, steel does not have the same flammability risks that often put mobile homes – and their residents – in jeopardy. 

Crafted with impeccable attention to detail, wood-look steel offers natural-looking wood grain patterns and authentic color options that capture the amazing beauty of natural wood – without all the upkeep and deterioration. In fact, steel log siding for mobile homes is maintenance-free!

Modern Mobile Homes Benefit from TruLog Siding

Modern Mobile Homes Benefit from TruLog Siding

TruLog siding is crafted from high-quality, 26-gauge American steel. It has a Class A Fire Rating and Class 4 Impact Rating, so TruLog has the enhanced durability that homeowners need to protect their mobile homes with confidence. In fact, TruLog siding for mobile homes comes with a 30-year warranty, so you know it’s prepared for the long haul.

The aesthetic quality of TruLog siding is unmatched. Careful attention to detail goes into every aspect of the design, which explains why it’s one of the easiest siding products to install. The color consistency is another big perk. There are 4 HD Wood Grain colors and 4 standard colors to choose from – all designed to look incredibly authentic – so homeowners have plenty of design possibilities available to make their mobile home look beautiful.

Contact the team at TruLog today to explore gorgeous, durable log siding for mobile homes.

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