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About 18 million Americans live in mobile homes, also called manufactured homes. But many of today’s mobile homes are not what they used to be: spacious interiors, multiple bedrooms, modern appliances and curb appeal are just some of the benefits of buying this generation’s mobile home models. And perhaps the primary benefit, these homes come at a tiny fraction of other types of houses.

For those already living in mobile homes, you know the benefits of affordability that these dwellings provide. But what about designing your mobile to stand out from the crowd? There are a number of siding options, including vinyl. Some people go to the trouble of siding their mobile homes with logs or other wood products. For an affordable, durable and rustic-looking option, you may want to consider steel log siding.

Rustic Exterior Siding for Your Mobile Home

Wood siding for mobile homes runs the risk of a few potential problems and inconveniences:

  • Rot
  • Maintenance
  • Water damage

Although it looks great and can make your mobile home stand out in the best way, it may not be the best option if you want a lightweight, durable, maintenance-free siding. In addition to protecting log siding for mobile homes from bugs, water damage and rot, you’ll have to repaint it. Wood or cedar siding can also be especially heavy, which can become a problem if you want to relocate your house.

It can’t be denied:  log-sided mobiles homes look gorgeous. With TruLog™ steel log siding, you can have the same log appearance without any of the hassles associated with wood siding. TruLog™ does not warp, rot, fracture or fade, but it is designed to look like real logs. You’ll also save money if you want to install it yourself. The installation process is relatively easy and each order comes with an instructional installation DVD.

Siding replacement is a great way to spruce up your mobile home. It’s one of those renovations that can significantly update the appearance of a structure. With housing prices increasing and many Americans’ salaries remaining relatively flat, it may be the case that even more Americans begin purchasing mobile homes. While so many have stereotyped these homes, the fact is that mobile homes provide an affordable, flexible housing option, especially for people who don’t want to rent. An option like re-siding gives you a way to make your mobile home feel more personal and comfortable. And an option like TruLog™ gives you more time to enjoy doing the things you love instead of performing wood siding maintenance.

Please call the experienced staff at TruLog™ to learn more and to get a free quote for siding your mobile home with steel log siding. We can be reached at 970-646-4490 or you can contact us online.

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