Log Home Kits — A Lower Maintenance Alternative

Log homes have a very long history in America. When pioneers were first staking their claims and building their first properties, it was often easiest to use logs from surrounding forests than to build with other materials. Log homes have since become synonymous with rustic and rural living, and have a romantic aspect and charm that are very appealing to many. 

Real log homes are difficult and time consuming to build, however. They’re also very high in maintenance, and can be very expensive. For these reasons, many people who like the idea of a log home often consider building one from a kit. Kits contain everything you’ll need to construct a fully finished log home, and will take a lot of the guesswork out of the project.

Log home kits are easier to build with, but they’re still very expensive and very high in maintenance. Homeowners who are used to stick-built homes may find that while log cabins are romantic, the upkeep and expense aren’t what they expected. 

A better alternative that can give you the look that you’re after, but without these issues, may be to clad your existing home in steel log-look siding instead.

The Issue with Log Homes

Log homes are beautiful, but if they aren’t constructed properly, with room for movement, swelling, and shrinkage, they can be very problematic over time. Log homes tend to shift, with the logs swelling and shrinking with humidity and moisture levels. They can therefore have structural problems, as well as issues with air gaps that need to be sealed to keep the home comfortable and energy efficient.

Good building can eliminate some of these issues, but often increases the cost of the home. 

In addition, log siding is very hard to maintain. It needs to be pressure washed and stained periodically, and it’s common for the wood to darken in color and patina over time. It can also have problems with moisture, rot, insect activity, and settling that can cause windows and doors to jam. 

Any log home will need a lot of maintenance and frequent repairs to make sure that it functions and looks its best. This can mean needing to refit windows and doors, wash and stain the exterior, seal up gaps as they occur, and occasionally replace or treat logs that have become damaged. 

All of this can add up to a lot of money over the years, as well as a lot of time spent on keeping your home in its best condition. This is combined with the regular maintenance and upkeep to help them maintain their value. 

A Better Alternative to Log Home Kits

Instead of investing in a log home kit that will require expert construction and a lot of maintenance and care, consider a better, lower cost and maintenance alternative. Steel log-look siding can be the answer you’re looking for – a way to capture the look and feel of a log cabin, but without the inherent issues.

Steel log-look siding is installed over the exterior of your existing or newly built home. Since it’s not using whole logs, you don’t need to worry about settling, air gaps, and chinks, or about the construction. 

Steel siding is incredibly durable and holds up well in all climates and conditions. It doesn’t need to be pressure washed and stained every few years because the color is meant to last without needing any maintenance or care. This means that your home will look better longer, without any effort from you. 

In addition, steel log-look siding from TruLog is backed by insulation, which makes your home more comfortable and energy efficient – the opposite of most log homes, which have issues with air gaps. This means that your home will have lower energy costs in the long-term, as well as lower maintenance and installation costs.

Steel log look siding is very easy to install on over the exterior of any home. You won’t need to find a specialized engineer to make sure that your home is being constructed properly in order to prevent things like sticking doors and windows or settling roof lines. 

Steel is completely insect and moisture-resistant, as well as flame retardant, so you can trust that your home will be protected from the elements wherever it’s located. 

Get a Lower Maintenance Log Home

Instead of building a new log home from a kit with all of the worries, maintenance, and surprises, consider cladding an existing or new home in steel log-look siding from TruLog instead. Your home will look better, be more energy efficient, and will require a lot less maintenance and exterior upkeep over the years. Invest in steel siding solutions from TruLog instead of a log home kit to save money and improve durability without compromising on log home aesthetics. 

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