Selecting the Best Front Door for Your Log Home

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Log homes have a unique look and style that’s all their own. They don’t conform to the same features that make up a traditional design, and their curb appeal is something entirely different as well.

Given how unique the rest of the home is, it can be difficult to find just the right front door. From color and design choices to the size of the door, you need to make your front entryway as inviting as possible to help complete the look of your home.

Log Cabin Front Door Design Ideas

Most log homes have enough going on in terms of style and appearance that the front door needs to be a subtle compliment, rather than something that stands out and shows off. Take a look at these following front door design ideas to help determine the right look for your log home:

1. Single Pop of Color

The door to this home isn’t located front and center where you would normally find the front door. Instead, it’s off to the side so the front section can be used for entertaining or relaxing. To help make the door stand out and catch the attention it needs, it’s painted a rich, vivid green that matches the roof and stands out brightly against the dark brown of the log-look siding.

2. Double Glass Doors

This home’s front door has the potential to be overshadowed by the front porch overhang. To prevent that from happening, the door is double wide with inset glass panes. The glass can let in light or by curtained to give some privacy, and either way it helps draw the eye right where it needs to be. The light color of the doors and the trim help add some contrast to the wood color of the home, adding some dimension as well.

3. Matching Simplicity

There’s a lot to love about the exterior of this home, from the color of the log-look siding to the small balcony above the front door. With so much to look at, the front door itself needs to be fairly simple in design. The color of the door and the glass window that matches the other windows in size and shape adds some subtle interest to the door, without contrasting the rest of the home’s exterior.

4. Richly Dark Double Door

When viewing this log home, your eye is automatically drawn to the row of sliding glass doors that give you access to the upper deck. The front door below may get overlooked if care isn’t taken to bring it to people’s attention. This home pulls it off beautifully with a double wooden door with classic features painted a rich black color. This helps balance the glass up above and grounds the house, adding a lot of depth and dimension to this area, as well as some interest and style.

5. Subtle Door Placement

In traditional homes, the front door is often placed front and center, and is considered to be part of the home’s curb appeal and welcome to visitors. But log homes can have many other features that create that curb appeal, such as this home with its unique angles and oversized windows. The front door almost becomes an afterthought in the design, just as important to function, but not as much to style. This home places the door in a subtle position just to the side of the home’s front, and keeps the style of the door simple, allowing the glass to take center stage.

6. Blending In

Front doors don’t need to stand out to be stylish; sometimes the best look is one that’s a lot more subtle, blending the door into the rest of the facade. This log home takes this route, with a front door that’s the same color as the log-look siding. The only thing calling attention to the fact that it’s there is the white trim that surrounds it. The same trim is also featured around the windows, which helps give the home a cohesive look as well as a subtle design.

7. Multi-Material Entryway

Log homes can often make good use of other materials, such as fieldstone to help complete the look. Fieldstone accents can help add depth and dimension to many areas of the facade, including the entryway. By surrounding the front door area with stone on either side, your eye is immediately drawn in. Coupled with the white frame around to door to delineate it even more, the entire effect really makes the entrance pop.

Get the Best Front Door Design for Your Log Home

The front door can be subtle or dramatic and you can make it say anything you wish about the state of your home and its appearance. Use these 7 ideas as a starting point to get the look you want for your home and complete the entrance to your log home in style.


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