No matter what style of architecture or siding your home may have, windows are an important part of your exterior. They let light in, can help with ambient internal temperatures, and they help complete the facade and curb appeal of a property.

Log cabins and log homes are no different; they still require windows as part of the design. Windows look and act a little differently with this type of facade than they do with a traditional lap siding. Things like trim, shape, and size of the windows may be impacted by the logs or the log-look siding, which is why you’ll want to pay special attention to the style, design, and placement of your windows.

Log Cabin Window Considerations

In a home with horizontal lap siding, windows are generally framed out by a type of trim that matches the rest of the home’s siding. The trim goes over the window frame, helping the window blend in with the rest of the siding. In some exteriors, it’s also common to further frame out the windows by decorative shutters on either side. The windows themselves become not only part of the design, but are an emphasized part of the design as well.

With log cabins, the window’s frame itself is generally visible, rather than concealed or partially concealed by trim. And while it’s possible to install shutters around the window, it’s not generally done with this style of home.

This means that the window itself tends to have a very different look than the same window might on a home with lap siding. The window’s frame is now part of the design, so the color and the material of the frame can also come into consideration. If the window frame can be painted, then the color of the frame can become part of the facade, while aluminum or vinyl frames may need to be selected by the color of the frame to make sure that it coordinates well with the log siding.

At the same time, because the windows won’t have as much attention drawn to them, you may want to pay special consideration to their size. The same size window may appear to be smaller on a log home than on a traditionally-sided home, which can have the effect of making the house appear out of proportion. For that reason, it’s more common to see larger windows or more windows on a log home than you would on a home of similar proportion that has been clad in traditional siding.

5 Log Cabin Window Design Ideas

Like any home, a log cabin can be complemented by many different styles and types of windows and like other homes, the windows can play a big role in the home’s curb appeal and overall appearance. These 5 design ideas can give you inspiration for how to complete your exterior:

1. Simple Contrast

Sometimes the most simple designs are also the most effective. This is a simple, one-story log cabin, so more elaborate window designs would likely overwhelm the facade. These windows are simple, with a clean white frame that contrasts the log-look siding. They stand out well without contrasting the style of the home, and the width helps to accentuate the shape and direction of the logs.

2. Varying Shapes and Sizes

This log home has a lot more going on in terms of size, shape, and style. It has multiple roof angles and is made up of a few different buildings. It makes sense that the windows can also have more going on. In this case, there are windows with sharp angles and windows with arches at the top, as well as classic, multi-paned windows. They all have a frame that’s been painted the same color as the trim to create a unified look.

3. Window Rows

This home features two sections of windows, one that acts as a set of sliding doors onto the deck and the other just above. This makes sense for the shape of the property as well as for function. The pitch of the roof narrows as it rises, and the second row of windows helps to fill the space while also emphasizing the shape of the roof and the pitch.

4. Complementary Shapes

This property also features windows with varying shapes. In this case, the windows are following the lines of the home’s edges. This creates a unique transition from the log-look siding to the windows, and helps emphasize the property’s shape. The windows follow the roof line as well as the sides of the home, letting in light while also enhancing its appearance.

5. Prominent Windows

Some homes look their best when they have a focal point or accent that focuses the gaze. This home has a large wall of windows that is made up of two different sections meeting in the middle at a slight angle. The windows follow the pitch and line of the roof as they go up, accenting it. The window frames have a similar color to the roof, creating a unified and cohesive look.

Complete Your Facade

Log look siding from TruLog works particularly well with window frames, creating a tight, even seal and an appearance that will enhance your exterior. Unlike real log siding, which would cause the windows to sit unevenly in the walls, TruLog creates an even appearance for a cleaner look.

Get the right appearance for your log home by using windows to complement the style, and TruLog siding to get the best look for your facade.


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