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If you’re a seasoned homeowner or you’ve just invested in an established property, then there’s a good chance that siding has been on your mind. Homes built in previous eras were not generally equipped with quality siding able to last through the decades. Even structures that are only 10 or 20 years old can show signs of wear and tear on the exterior, calling for immediate action for repair.

Over time, it’s normal for siding to become damaged due to a wide variety of problems. Weather can be a significant menace, with heavy hail causing dents, strong winds tearing off edges of siding, and humidity playing a part in mold growth. Nearby wildlife can also affect exterior siding; pollen buildup can cause color change and fading, insects can puncture thin siding, and animals can tear at panels to make room for their nests. Even sun damage can result in color fading.

So if you’re dealing with tattered or damaged siding, you’re not alone. But you don’t have to learn to live with this curb-appeal killer! Whether it’s the aesthetic blemishes that are bothering you or you’re burdened by serious structural risks due to siding damage, you should know that there is a smart option for tackling this issue.

Instead of repairing individual spots where damage is apparent, why not invest in siding that won’t end up damaged in the first place? It is possible, as long as you choose a quality siding solution, like steel log siding.

Why should I have my home re-sided?

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Siding damage can be unsightly and dangerous. But there’s no need to live with it. Aesthetic appearance can play a large role in the value of your home, so if you’re looking to sell or rent out your property in the future, there’s a good chance that ugly, damaged siding will bring your profit margin down quickly. Re-siding a home can be an instant appearance upgrade that boosts curb appeal and home value.

Having your home re-sided can also be important for a variety of practical reasons, too. For example, siding that is compromised by tears, holes or gaps can lower the energy efficiency of the home. Because the home’s exterior lacks seamless insulation and protection from its surrounding environment, it can cause heating and cooling to become more challenging—not to mention providing a space for rainwater to leak into the home.

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Finally, re-siding a home can impact safety, too. Tattered siding that is just barely hanging on can be a hazard for visitors. In addition, many traditional siding materials are more flammable than newer building materials, so having your home re-sided with a cutting-edge resource, like steel log siding, can ease safety concerns.

What’s wrong with traditional siding?

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Many traditional options, like vinyl, are flimsy when compared to steel log siding. Vinyl siding breaks, cracks, and warps very easily in comparison. And if you’re having your entire home re-sided, why choose a material that you know will accumulate damage just as quickly as before?

In addition, real wood siding is also outdated because it doesn’t have the weather-resistance that steel log siding does. Plus, innovative technology and material treatments make steel log siding fire-resistant, which is a massive advantage over wooden logs.

Why is steel log siding a better option?

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Steel log siding is the smartest option because it gives you the ability to transform the look of your home instantly, without the hassle of rebuilding from scratch. With steel log siding, you can achieve the mesmerizing ambiance of a log cabin, even if you are working with a traditional home structure. Simply adding steel log siding to the structure can result in an impressive cabin-style look, almost instantly!

Traditional siding can be a bit of a bore, so invest in steel log siding and reap the benefits of an impressive, unique look that is sure to turn heads. Whether you’re going for charming, rustic, or fantastically bold, steel log siding is available in a wide variety of stains, woodgrains and finishing options so that you can get the specific log cabin look you’ve always dreamed of.

And finally, steel log siding is a much more durable material than traditional siding options, like vinyl, wood, or concrete. So you can enjoy making a choice that is both practical and beautiful.

Having your home re-sided doesn’t have to be a boring burden. With steel log siding, your home can experience an impressive transformation swiftly, giving the exterior a surface that is both smart and beautiful.

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