Designing a Log Cabin Mobile Home: Considerations and Ideas

Many mobile home owners chose their housing over a traditional home for the  affordability, mobility, and energy-efficiency. Mobile homes are also surprisingly versatile and very rewarding to take on as a remodeling project. Perhaps one of the most attractive exterior remodels is a log cabin makeover. Log homes appeal to many people for their rustic charm and even if you own a modest mobile home, you can still get this warm, welcoming cabin-like look.

The Best Way to Get the Log Exterior Look

There are two main methods used when designing log mobiles homes: the use of real timber or the use of a faux alternative.

Before diving into the aesthetic and functional differences between real timber and timber alternatives, it’s extremely important you first determine whether your particular mobile home is able to be retrofitted with new siding. Some models may allow you to remove the existing siding completely, while others may only allow for new siding to be placed over the original exterior. This will affect your siding options.

If your mobile home is designed to be re-sided by removing the existing siding completely, you will have more options when it comes to materials, particularly if you have your heart set on real timber. It’s possible to use half-log siding and other wood cladding that offers the look of a log exterior. However, wood can be quite heavy and it isn’t without its flaws.

A superior way for future log cabin mobile homes to get a realistic look with additional benefits is to opt for a steel faux log siding, such as TruLog. TruLog siding is made of steel, which offers the best protection possible for your home. You also won’t need to deal with the time-consuming and expensive maintenance needs of real wood. Equally important is that TruLog siding is very realistic-looking compared to most vinyl and composite faux woods.

The easy installation process of TruLog is a boon to contractors and chances are high it can be installed right over existing siding. Re-siding with steel is much more efficient than half-log and other wood log materials.

Finding a Color Scheme You Love

Perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of designing log mobile homes is finding that perfect color to compliment your property. Just as there are a variety of different wood species and stains to choose from, you also have plenty of options if you opt for TruLog steel log siding.

log cabin mobile home

TruLog offers six siding colors:

  • Canyon Red – A rich, deep red shade with a countryside allure  [Featured Above]
  • Autumn Brown – The classic medium brown that never grows old
  • Cedar – A natural wood finish for modern log homes
  • Sable – Ideal choice if you like cedar, but want a more attractively subdued shade
  • Red Cedar – A warm, red-toned brown offers a touch of luxury  [Featured Below]
  • Colorado Pine – Strong yellow-toned pine that pops

The perfect color isn’t always the one that immediately calls your name. Don’t forget to take into consideration that your landscape also plays a role. You want your home to be a color you love, but also one that works well into your surroundings, whether your home has a wooded backdrop, is surrounded by a lush green lawn and minimal landscaping, or is surrounded by bright, colorful flowers and plants.

log mobile home

Another important note to make is whether your community has restrictions on color. Some mobile home communities may only allow certain siding colors and some stricter ones might not even allow log siding to begin with. Before you start ordering materials and finding a contractor, speak with your community authority to ensure your idea aligns with their rules.

Additional Remodeling Projects to Enhance Your Log Mobile Home

Designing realistic log cabin mobile homes isn’t just limited to adding new siding. You can further enhance your home with a few additional remodeling projects.

The small cabin featured below is an excellent example of how a vibrant, dark green roof can really enhance brown siding. Green metal roofs are very appealing and worth considering if your mobile home could use a new roof, anyway. Replacing the roof is also beneficial for increasing the value of your home.

mobile home log cabin

Mobile home windows often are very plain in design, but instead of buying brand new windows, you can beautify the ones you already have. Featured below is a lovely countryside home with added shutters and trim. The shutters have cute bear and moose silhouettes, though if you prefer a more traditional approach, plain shutters work perfectly, as well.

Adding wood trim on windows and door frames really gives a log cabin mobile home a finished look and ties it all together. You can add dark trim to make these exterior features pop against the siding or you could go an extra step, as these homeowners did, by adding a lighter colored paint for contrast.

Log cabin mobile homes can look just as beautiful as a traditional log home. Not only will you have gained a new classically attractive, inviting exterior, but you will also still have all of the mobility and flexibility you love about owning a mobile home.  

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