Manufactured Homes that Look Like Log Cabins

Manufactured Homes that Look Like Log Cabins 3

For anyone that’s looking for an affordable home built to federal standards, manufactured homes can look extremely attractive. Whether you situate them on land you own or a lot you lease, a manufactured home is a quality investment.

Manufactured Homes that Look Like Log Cabins 1

While homes built prior to 1976 may have had dubious quality, manufactured homes built since need to conform to federal guidelines that ensure that these homes are durable and long-lasting. Because of that, and the fact that they can be skirted to look like a stick-built home, manufactured homes have always maintained a steady popularity. Part of this popularity is also the fact that a manufactured home can be customized inside and out, often for less money than it would cost to customize a stick-built property. And one way that you can customize your manufactured home is by giving it the look of a real log cabin. 

What Are Manufactured Homes?

Sometimes known as mobile homes, manufactured homes are factory-built residences constructed on a chassis. They’re transported whole to the installation site, where they can be permanently or temporarily situated. 

Many manufactured homes are placed in land-lease communities, where the resident owns their home, but not the lot it’s placed on. Many others, however, are often placed on land that is resident-owned, particularly since these homes are designed to be a permanent installation on the site. 

To qualify as a manufactured home, the buildings need to conform to HUD code in the Manufactured Housing Improvement Act, which was most recently updated in 2000. These federal guidelines mean that manufactured homes must be built to a specific level of quality, ensuring their long term durability.

These codes do not, however, dictate the style of the home or its appearance; that is left entirely up to the owner and how they want their home to look.

Log-Look Steel Siding for Manufactured Homes

Manufactured Homes that Look Like Log Cabins 2

When installed with skirting on a permanent site, a manufactured home can be made to look a lot like a stick-built home. This means that they can also be given a wide range of exterior looks and styles. 

Most manufactured homes are typically clad in some form of horizontal lap siding, either a wood siding, which requires frequent scraping and repainting or a vinyl siding, which may warp in some climates and crack in others. 

Log-look steel siding, such as TruLog can give your manufactured home a very different look, along with less maintenance. Log-look siding is designed to give the appearance of a log home to the exterior it’s installed on. This includes manufactured homes, and log-look siding can transform the exterior of the residence into one that looks like a log cabin. For manufactured homes that are in rural settings, this can help give the home more of a permanent appearance that blends in better with the area. The siding is installed over the existing exterior walls of the home, so your existing manufactured residence can have the same interior layout, amenities, and quality, with a fresh new look on the outside.

And because TruLog is made of steel, rather than wood or vinyl, it’s much lower in maintenance, too. Steel siding doesn’t peel, chip, and crack the way that wood does, so it doesn’t require frequent scraping and repainting. It also doesn’t require the same maintenance as a true log cabin, such as constant pressure washing and weatherizing.

And unlike vinyl, steel siding isn’t affected by weather. So if your home is installed in a hot climate such as Arizona, the siding won’t melt and warp. And if your home is installed in a freeze/thaw climate like in the Northeast, the siding won’t crack or break. 

TruLog is also resistant to pests and is flame resistant – a bonus for homes located in areas that experience wildfires. The siding also incorporates insulation right into the material, so your home will also have improved energy savings as well as an improved appearance. 

This means that your home can not only get a completely new look and style, it will also reduce the amount of maintenance that you need to keep it looking good. So, whether your home is located on an isolated lot, or you live in a community, you’ll be able to spend more time enjoying your home and its amenities and less time maintaining its exterior appearance. 

Get a Fresh Look for Your Manufactured Home

Manufactured Homes that Look Like Log Cabins 3

Manufactured homes are far more durable and low maintenance than many people give them credit for. Now you can give your home an exterior to match with log-look steel siding. Your home will have the appearance of a log cabin, with better exterior durability, lower maintenance, and improved energy usage. If you’re considering residing your manufactured home, take a look at TruLog to see what options may work for your exterior, and get a fresh new look for your manufactured home. 

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