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Manufactured homes that look like log cabins tend to pleasantly surprise people, since most manufactured homes have generic siding that makes them blend in with the rest of the models on the lot. If you’ve got a manufactured home – or you’re considering getting one – it’s important to know that you have lots of options for beautifying the exterior so that it resembles an authentic log cabin.

Being familiar with the options is important if you’re interested in manufactured homes that look like log cabins. 

Log Cabin Manufactured Homes

What Qualifies as a Manufactured Home?

First things first – not all small homes are considered manufactured homes. While manufactured homes do tend to have smaller layouts and less square footage overall, size is not the actual quality that distinguishes a manufactured home.

What Qualifies as a Manufactured Home?

Commonly referred to as mobile homes, manufactured homes are factory-built residences constructed on a chassis. They tend to be delivered to the site completely intact and ready to go, though some manufactured homes are sold as a kit, giving homeowners the option to build the structure themselves on the property site.

Though manufactured homes typically come fully finished, they can certainly be modified to an extent. Siding is one of the easiest ways to transform a manufactured home and customize it to show off your unique style and allow the home to stand out from surrounding units of the same model.

Things to Know About Manufactured Homes

Things to Know About Manufactured Homes

There are lots of misperceptions surrounding traditional mobile homes and manufactured homes that look like log cabins. Here are a few things to consider before making a decision about buying or selling a manufactured home:

Stylistic Freedom and Customization

Just because a manufactured home is sold as a complete and finished product, homeowners aren’t stuck with that design forever. There are many opportunities for remodeling manufactured homes inside and out.

One of the most popular renovation areas is the exterior siding. Switching up the exterior provides a quick and easy way to transform the curb appeal of a standard manufactured home and make it feel more customized.

HUD Codes Have Been Updated

HUD Codes Have Been Updated

When people think of mobile homes, they often think of sub-par building techniques and cheap materials. While that was generally true in the 50s and 60s, the housing industry has come a long way in recent decades, making strides in HUD codes and building standards across the board. The Manufactured Housing Improvement Act of the early 2000s was a big step in securing building standards that ensure mobile homes meet certain durability guidelines.

Many manufactured homes actually exceed those federal guidelines and offer reliable durability and construction. Upgrading certain features to improve durability even more is never a bad idea. For example, swapping vinyl siding for steel is a great way to boost the overall durability of a manufactured home’s exterior.

Leasing vs. Owning Land

Leasing vs. Owning Land

Another element that people aren’t always aware of is that there are many different land use arrangements possible for manufactured homes. The most popular arrangement is joining a land-lease community, which allows a resident to own the manufactured home while leasing the land it sits on.

Residents can also choose to install a manufactured home on property that they own. This is a popular choice for many people, and some of these arrangements actually intend for the manufactured home to remain as a permanent structure on the site. Skirting can even be added to make log cabin manufactured homes look more permanent.

Best Manufactured Homes That Look Like Log Cabins from TruLog

Best Manufactured Homes That Look Like Log Cabins from TruLog

As mentioned, there are lots of reasons to consider manufactured homes. If you love the look of traditional wood or log siding, you’ve got plenty of great options. You may want to start by searching log cabin manufactured homes and see what’s available. In most cases, it’s more practical to customize an existing manufactured home by installing fresh siding that resembles natural logs.

Choosing a modern material like wood-style steel is a smart choice because it will last much longer than traditional logs and treated timber. Steel is moisture-resistant, fire-resistant, pest-resistant, and much better equipped overall to deliver the durability needed for log cabin manufactured homes.

Manufactured Homes That Look Like Log Cabins

Plus, there’s no need to compromise on style! TruLog has gone to great lengths to design high-quality, wood-look steel siding that resembles an authentic log cabin exterior. Whether you like the rich tones of Western Cedar or a lighter-colored Pine exterior, TruLog siding delivers long-lasting color complemented by extremely realistic wood grain patterning.

If you’re searching for manufactured homes that look like log cabins or you’re ready to remodel your mobile home with wood-style siding that’s much more durable, contact TruLog today to get started.

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