Log Cabin Maintenance Costs a Factor in Inheritance

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One of the greatest things about having a vacation cabin is the ability to pass it down from generation to generation. But as a recent Detroit Free Press article points out, the costs of maintaining these second homes may present financial challenges for the children or grandchildren inheriting the properties.

Inheriting your family’s vacation cabin can be an important event both sentimentally and for reasons of posterity. Perhaps it’s the home where you spent the summers of your childhood. Maybe it provided your family with a relaxing respite from work, school and the demands of a busy life, and provided the space and time for you to develop strong bonds with your family members. Your family’s cabin may be of great value to you as an asset, and as a place that means family and home. Inheriting it can mean you can continue to keep the home in your family, perhaps passing it down to your own children.

While many grown children want to keep their parents’ vacation getaway, these homes add maintenance responsibilities to what you already have for your primary house. And log cabins in particular can require a great deal of upkeep, such as:

  • Replacing rotten or damaged logs
  • Re-sealing
  • Re-staining
  • Repainting

Over time, these costs can add up to tens of thousands of dollars. As someone who stands to inherit your family’s cabin, you’ll have to weigh the various pros and cons, and consider whether you have the budget to take on the responsibilities associated with the home.

On the other hand, if you are considering ways to make the family home more affordable to maintain, consider re-siding the home with TruLog™ steel log siding. TruLog™ is made of heavy gauge, American-manufactured steel. Not only does it outlast much of what Mother Nature throws at you, but it does not require the maintenance of wood, logs or fiber-cement.

TruLog™ steel log siding has the authentic look of hand-hewn logs but without the hassle of real wood. When set in a traditional summer getaway location, homes sided with TruLog™ mimic their natural surroundings just like log cabins. But instead of spending a few thousand dollars every 2 to 3 years to maintain wood, all you have to do is rinse off your steel siding when it gets dirty. Spend more time creating memories with your loved ones and enjoying the confidence of having a vacation home that can be passed down to your children without any burdens.

To get a free estimate for TruLog™ steel log siding, please call our team in Loveland, Colorado at 970-646-4490. We firmly believe in the value of long-lasting family cabins, and in creating a way for you to spend more time with your family and less time maintaining your home.

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