17 Amazing Log Cabin Kitchen Design to Inspire Your Home’s Look

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Searching for the perfect kitchen design for your log cabin? Look no further! Continue reading on to discover 17 amazing log cabin kitchen designs that you’ll adore. The only problem is that you may have a difficult time deciding between them all!

1. Reclaimed Barn Wood Fixtures

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Image: https://www.smartsrl.net

For the full-out frontier feel, stick with reclaimed barn wood fixtures that will have a massively mesmerizing look on tables, cabinets, chairs, door rails and more. The wood grain is superior due to the weathered appearance, and it can be enhanced even further with the correct shellac or stain treatment.

And if you don’t have the time to refurbish, don’t fret—there are many providers who can duplicate the look of reclaimed barn wood with new materials to achieve a similarly striking appearance.

2. Wood and Stone Pairing

Log Cabin Kitchen Design 2

Two classic building elements, wood and stone work excellently together, achieving a strong, impressive stature that can’t be beat. Play with these two elements in your log cabin kitchen design plans and you’ll love all the options available with this pairing.

3. Wood and Marble Top

Log Cabin Kitchen Design 3

Marble is another material that looks stunning alongside wood. Consider topping the counter with marble on a wooden base. This combo brings a contemporary element to the classic log cabin kitchen design.

4. Stunning Window Archways

Log Cabin Kitchen Design 4

Dress up the window space by creating stunning archways out of wood to frame the window in a surprisingly delightful way. The archway design contributes a softer look to wood, which is otherwise often overly structured and rigid.

5. Light and Dark Wood Combo

Log Cabin Kitchen Design 5

Image: https://www.vicarie-sn.org

There’s no need to stick with one tone of wood grain in your log cabin kitchen! In fact, combining light and dark wood in the same room can create gorgeous perspective, dimension and added warmth. Don’t shy away from trying out different hues to see what works well together in your space.

6. Hanging Island Light Fixtures

Log Cabin Kitchen Design 6

Image: http://lavictorienne.co

A classy piece that brings a touch of elegance to the cabin, a hanging island fixture is both aesthetically pleasing and practical for lighting such an important space within the kitchen. It can also help fill the space without cluttering it, so the kitchen does not seem overwhelming lofty.

7. Natural Log Cut Interior

Log Cabin Kitchen Design 7

Image: http://hoerkultur.info

If you’re steering towards a rustic interior, you’ll definitely want to consider using natural log cuts as featuring beams in your kitchen. The natural log look showcases all the elements that are already inherent in the source material, thanks to Mother Nature, such as the grain, edgings and gaps. This is definitely a powerful design element to take advantage of.

8. Exposed and Finished Ceiling Beams

Log Cabin Kitchen Design 8

For the contemporary log cabin kitchen design, invest in exposed, finished ceiling beams for a strong look that communicates stability, hearth and longevity. Both visually beautiful and symbolic, finished ceiling beams are a go-to style for many interior designers who work with cabin aesthetics.

9. Island with a Pop of Classic Color

Log Cabin Kitchen Design 9

Red is a color that is quite idyllic when it comes to log cabin kitchen designs. Because it is strongly associated with barn and country lifestyle aesthetics, red is a wonderful color to rely on when picking an accent tone for your kitchen space. One tip from Steve Lyons, of Houston Home Remodeling Pros, a home remodeling company in Houston, TX, is “Try painting the island a deep, roasted red hue. Steer away from brighter, primary shades of red, as they can often clash with the rustic look of log or cut paneling.”

10. Circular Stone Island

Log Cabin Kitchen Design 10

Circular islands are quite uncommon, and when they’re constructed from stone, they seem to integrate superbly into the surrounding wooden aesthetic. Because stone and wood pair very well together, a circular stone island can be a fantastic feature if you’re looking for a unique piece for the center of your kitchen.

11. Hidden Cabinets

Log Cabin Kitchen Design 11

Image: https://blog.canadianloghomes.com

Try placing small cabinets in unexpected places, like tucked into a kitchen island or raised up high above the refrigerator. Though seemingly tiny, these small spaces are still great for storing kitchen cups, dishes and utensils, and when finished with wood, they can catapult the cozy, cabin charm that is popularly sought after in creating the ideal log cabin kitchen design.

12. Angled Bar/Counter Space

Log Cabin Kitchen Design 12

By creating an angled bar top that separates the kitchen from the dining area or lounge, you can essentially maximize your countertop space without enclosing the kitchen entirely. This allows people to still have the ability to move about the kitchen space without giving up useful countertop areas for meal prep, eating, drinking and sharing conversation. Use a rustic log look with smoothed edges to help pull off the perfect angled bar top.

13. Integrated Light Fixtures

Log Cabin Kitchen Design 13

Image: https://www.honestabe.com

Sometimes understated ceiling lights can do a lot more for a log cabin kitchen than larger, outstated fixtures. Consider installing several integrated spotlight-style fixtures that fit seamlessly into the ceiling space. The amount of light put out will dazzle the surrounding wood without stealing the spotlight itself. Many of these integrated light fixtures have fading features, meaning you can adjust the brightness to set the mood. Beautiful effect!

14. Angled Kitchen Ceiling

Log Cabin Kitchen Design 14

Reminiscent of a lofty A-Frame cabin, an angled kitchen ceiling can be a cool feature that still provides enough space for preparation while also capturing cabin allure. Not to mention, the smells coming from the stove will be all stirred up and captured by the angled ceiling space. Yum!

15. A Window with a View

Log Cabin Kitchen Design 15

Be sure your log cabin kitchen has a lofty window that provides a beautiful view onto your surrounding property. This link to the outdoor space can enhance the interior by reminding guests of the expansive setting in which they are located. Plus, having an eye-opening window space makes doing the dishes and kitchen chores a lot more enjoyable!

16. Coordinating Flooring

Log Cabin Kitchen Design 16

Image: http://www.designma.com

Matching your cabinets, with your flooring and furniture can create a cohesive country look. Adding a touch of stone for a fireplace accent will help the room from being overwhelmed with the natural wood look.

17. Classic Rugs Over Hardwood Floors

Log Cabin Kitchen Design 17

By adorning the kitchen space with a well-loved rug, the space becomes more approachable and easier to relax in. Choose a rug that does not cover the entire floor. Leaving a surrounding border allows for the gorgeous hardwood flooring to make a statement surrounding the rug.

Consider one of these 17 design ideas during your next log cabin kitchen remodeling

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