Log Cabin Herb Garden Ideas

Log cabin herb garden

Are you wondering what to grow in your herb garden this time of year? If you are in your log cabin for spring, we have some excellent suggestions for seasonal herbs you can grow and enjoy in your favorite dishes.


Basil is a herb favourite that can immediately jazz up any pasta or pizza! It’s also relatively easy to grow, provided you plant it in early spring, but before there’s any risk of having a morning frost. Alternatively, this could be one for your indoor herb garden!


A popular herb to grow and use in tea, chamomile is also perfect for early spring. The great thing about chamomile is that you can use the flowers as soon as they’re open, so it doesn’t take long to grow. It’s also very versatile; you can grow it in the sun or the shade.


Chives are easy to grow and super flavorsome. They taste a little onion-y, and are popular in soups, salads, dips and pastas.

You can pretty much just add a handful of chives to anything for a little more flavor! They’re easy to grow, too – sow them indoors first, keep them there for six to eight weeks, and then plant them in the garden and watch them bloom!

You can also just grow them in the garden, as long as the ground is no longer at risk of frosting.


Cilantro doesn’t do that well in hot climates (although it’s very popular in Asian and Mexican dishes, it actually originally comes from the Mediterranean!), so it’s best to plant this one in early spring. You can use it to flavor up dishes and meats. Sow it in direct sunlight as early as you can without risking frost. Then, let it grow and seed – you’ll find that the plant then self-seeds in subsequent years.

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