Log Cabin Garden Checklist

One of the many reasons you bought a log cabin was to spend more time with nature. Each day,
you’re surrounded by its quiet beauty. However, there’s more you can do to bring nature even
closer to your cabin. Whether you decide to grow in a container or in-ground garden, it’s a
fabulous way to get more out of your outdoor lifestyle.

Springtime Color

Once the cold clutches of winter break, you start looking for hints of spring color. Maybe it’s out
on your hikes, or perhaps it’s a little closer to your log cabin. It’s always a good day when you
see the first flowers show.

If you want to take the guesswork out of spring gardening, choose annual and perennial species
that re-seed themselves. Each year the plant re-seeds, the better adapted it will be to your
particular climate. In warmer climates, you can plant bulbs in the fall that grow in the spring.
This way you don’t have to calculate when to plant and work in the garden while it’s still cold.

Summer Beauty

Summer is the time of year when color abounds. The growing conditions are perfect for the most
extensive variety of flowers. In fact, you may have trouble choosing which ones you want to
place in your log cabin garden.

When talking about summer colors, it’s common to actually plan a color palette to complement
your cabin. You also have the option to select the plants which flower the longest. Regardless,
there are some real showstoppers to seed into your garden for a magnificent summer display.

Fall Show

Fall is often stereotyped into turning leaves and fading color. Your garden doesn’t need to be that
way. Many plants bloom in autumn as part of their reseeding process in all colors of the rainbow.
Since you’ve already put in the spring and summer garden, neglecting fall just doesn’t make

The great thing about fall bloomers is their weather resistance. It takes hard freezes to kill them
off so if you have a mild autumn, the colors surrounding your log cabin will stay longer. Make
sure you do your local research though, as some will fare better than others.

Year-Round Beauty

When you’re thinking about your log cabin garden plan, it helps to write it out. This garden plan
enables you to organize so there isn’t a bare spot in spring or a profusion in fall. To become close
to year-round floral colors, you must help it along.

Apart from deciding the dimensions of your planting space, you’ll need to decide if one season is
more important than the others to you. If so, it will figure into your planning. If not, you can
divide your space evenly amongst the seasons for the most consistent colorations.

Once you have a plan of what you’d like, it’s time to figure out what you’ll need. At a minimum,
you’ll need some form of fertilizer, the plants themselves, and a trowel. When combined with a
little garden maintenance, the garden surrounding your log cabin will be the envy of all your
future visitors.

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