Log Cabin Garages

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These days garages made from logs are not only used in log homes but are also used in traditional homes. Garage made from logs is beginning to have a wide range of applications beyond just been a source of shelter for cars. First, they are used to keep household tools and any other thing that you don’t want to stay in the house. In conjunction with the above, they can also be used as a guest quarter, gym, an office, or even a workshop.

Garages can be classified based on the design ideas or size. In terms of designs, we can have inbuilt garages and detached garages. In terms of size; the garage can be small (for one car) and large (that can store four vehicles or more). You can also classify it as an open garage and an enclosed garage.

It is best you design your garage yourself because you will be able to create a garage that fits into the space you want and meets your requirements.

We will discuss different types of garages so that you will be able to design a garage that suits your needs.


While designing your log cabin garage, you have to, first of all, decide if the garage will be detached or built into the house. To choose the right one to go for, you must consider the purpose the garage will serve and how often do you need to access to it in a day.

It is advisable to build a detached garage if you need it for other purposes, such as guest home or engineering workshop. This will ensure a reduction in the noise level and protect the main house from fire.

With a detached garage, you can make it more than a one-story building, such that the top floor can serve as a guest house or any other thing. You can also add some tweaks to it, like a balcony, etc.

For a double-story detached garage, you also have to determine how the top floor will be accessed. You can decide to create access through the garage or create a different private door to go upstairs.


This type of garage has many advantages and is easily accessible, especially if you are staying in a cold region. In other to ensure easy and quick access to the garage, you can create an entrance door from the main building to the garage (the kitchen is an excellent fit for this).

This can be an extension of the main building (attached to the side), if you have already built your log cabin before.

Alternatively, if you are still at the phase of building your log cabin; you can make it a drive-under garage (place underneath the house). The later (drive-under garage) will provide surrounding space, which you can use for other purposes. In other to differentiate between the garage and lower level of the house from the rest of the house; you can use stones to build the lower part.

Whether you are settling for a detached garage or attached garage, the size of the garage will determine if it will take only one car or house more than one.

Also, for either the detached or attached garage; you can decide to make it an open garage or an enclosed one. An open garage grants you easy access to parking your car; you don’t need to operate a remote, button, or manual door before you can drive in or out. The open garage is also cheaper and faster to build. The enclosed garage, on the other hand, provides security.

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