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Board games. No, not the game of Life, Risk or the dreaded Monopoly. We are talking about modern, fun board games, Pandemic, Power Grid, Codenames and more! Recent years board games have made a resurgence in popularity and game nights are popular, they even made a movie about it.

Maybe you just moved into your dream log cabin, or added TruLog Steel Log Siding to your existing home, and want to show off your new digs to your friends by inviting them over for a game night. Here are a few tips to host an amazing game night.

Log Cabin Game Night Tips

1. Let new people know it’s not boring

Anyone who hasn’t been part of the board game culture may not know that we’ve evolved beyond the pain of throwing the Monopoly board in the air. Let your new guests know that it’s primarily a social event and you will be playing a few games.

2. Make sure someone has played the game before

Completely new games are tough to learn in a crowd. Be sure you have a game master that is familiar with the games and does a good job of explaining the rules.

3. Have food ready for hungry guests

Game nights are really more of a dinner party with board games as entertainment. Potlucks work great and some homestyle cooking that goes with your rustic log cabin can hit the spot. Make sure your part of the food prep is done for your guests so you can still enjoy a meal even if someone flakes at the last minute.

4. Have a variety of games

Modern games can be very complicated. Games like Twilight Imperium or Eldritch Horror can take many hours to play. These types of games are best for evenings that are dedicated to that specific game. Pick a variety of games that appeal to multiple skill levels. Start with easier games to get people into the swing of things and advanced to more complex games. Know your audience, if you are a more casual group a party game like Codenames or an interpretive game like Dixit might be great.

5. Know when to bail out

Some games can get long, drawn out and overly complicated. This is particularly an issue if you have 5 or 6 people (or more) playing the same game. If gameplay is getting tedious and you are losing the attention of your friends, don’t be afraid to wrap it up and move on.

Log cabins are made for entertaining and a great game night is a fantastic way to show off your home. These tips should be helpful in making your next game night a success.

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