Log Cabin Flooring Considerations and Design Ideas

Log Cabin Flooring

When designing and building your own log cabin, you are probably creating your dream escape from the world, a romantic vision of a woodland getaway far from the stress of everyday life. You have probably thought about having a warm fireplace, comfortable furnishings, and maybe even decor representing the wildlife outside.

Once you see the log walls go up, you might realize that you haven’t even stopped to consider the floor. However, this is one of the biggest visual aspects of your log home design and should be carefully considered to reflect the impact you want your log home to have.

Log Cabin Flooring Ideas

Like in traditional homes, when choosing flooring for a log cabin, you should consider flooring that matches the activity level of each space. When covering the floors of a high-traffic area, would you rather have a flooring choice that is easily damaged and difficult or expensive to repair or replace? Make sure your flooring is suitable to the use of each space.

Additionally, weigh the cost and benefit of your flooring options. Though you may shy away from more expensive options because of other investments you have made in your log home, consider how long the less expensive options will last.

Finally, consider the tactile aspect of your floors and whether they evoke a warm or a cool feeling. Especially in bedrooms and bathrooms where you may be walking in bare feet, think about how you can extend the warmth of your log home to the floors.

Taking all of these points into consideration, here are five potential design ideas for your log cabin flooring.

1. Real Wood Flooring Planks

Log Cabin Flooring 1

(Photo credit: thedesigntourist.com)

Especially if you choose a durable and efficient steel version of a log home from TruLog, you may want to incorporate real wood into your flooring to bring more warmth into the space. Wood floors are far easier to clean than carpet, so think about this option if you have pets or kids coming through your space often.

It is important to choose a durable wood that can withstand scratches if you are using real wood flooring in main living areas. This means choosing a hard wood instead of a soft wood, which is typically the more expensive choice. This is often why people do not choose real wood flooring throughout their entire home but instead mix with carpet, tile, and other more affordable options.

Wood is always arguably the most beautiful choice for flooring and feels right at home in a log cabin.

2. Large Area Rugs

Log Cabin Flooring 2

(Photo credit: carolflanagandesign.com)

If you are thinking that wood flooring will be too cold to the touch and you want a cozier feel for your log cabin, consider using large area rugs to soften your floors without investing in wall to wall carpeting that can be difficult to clean.

Large area rugs are also a way to bring in color in log homes where a lot of wood is used. So much wood can get redundant and overwhelming, so a large area rug can add texture and color. It will also be much more comfortable for bare feet. Large rugs and carpets in general can help with sound absorption and reduce the amount of echo in your log home.

3. Reclaimed Barn Wood Flooring

Log Cabin Flooring 3

(Photo credit: elmwoodreclaimedtimber.com)

If one of your goals with your log cabin is sustainability and being eco-friendly, consider using reclaimed barn wood flooring throughout your home. While it has all the benefits of traditional wood floors, you can add more texture and history to your home with a reclaimed floor.

Reclaimed wood flooring has history dating back to over 100 years. Restoring the life in this material can make for a unique and custom flooring option in your cabin.

4. Carpeting

Log Cabin Flooring 4

(Photo credit: thewhitefacelodge.com)

Carpeting may not seem like the most modern decor choice, but it is still the best flooring choice for comfort and sound dampening. You might want wall-to-wall carpet as opposed to large area rugs if your log home is very large with high ceilings to improve the acoustics of your space and reduce echo.

If you also have small children in your log cabin on a regular basis, carpet might be a better option for kids still crawling or for falls. And modern carpet choices can still be very visually appealing and fit with your overall design. However, you should definitely consider how often you will need to be vacuuming and sanitizing your carpet, since it is less sanitary than a wood floor you can wipe clean.

You should also not use carpet in damp areas, because it can become moldy and mildewy. So if your log cabin is in a snowy area, perhaps keep carpet away from doorways where snow and mud can be tracked in and seep into the carpet.

5. Tile

Log Cabin Flooring 5

(Photo credit: remodelingbyrenewal.com)

Tile can be a surprising but great choice for log cabins. Again, considering the textures and colors in a log home, it is aesthetically pleasing to offer another natural material in your home besides wood.

Stone or ceramic floor tiles can also be great for areas more prone to spills and splashes, like your kitchen and bathrooms. Their smooth surfaces are easy to clean, but you will have to make sure the grout is clear of debris. Besides large area rugs, tile is the flooring option where you can really let your imagination run wild as far as their varied colors, patterns, and textures.

With so many flooring options to choose from, do not let the flooring choice for your log cabin come last. It’s a very high impact part of your overall design and should add to the dream you have in your head of your perfect escape. Take these considerations and design ideas to heart and you will be happy with your results.

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