Log Cabin Fall Cleanup

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Fall, such a beautiful time of year, but the yard can be a mess. If you live somewhere surrounded by majestic conifers, Pondersoa Pines, Douglas Firs and Colorado Blue Spruce…. well, to be honest, we are just jealous. The rest of us have to deal with the leaves from our oak, maple, ash, elm and cottonwood trees. Not only that, but the lawn needs some winter care too – and so do all your other backyard plants. Here are some tips for getting your log cabin backyard cleaned up for Fall.

Backyard Cleanup Tips for Log Cabins

Rake those leaves – Don’t let those unraked leaves get buried under the first snowfall. This can create a matted down layer on top of your grass. This will smother your turf, which isn’t healthy. Using a mulching mower, or raking in the fall helps avoid dead spots in the spring. You don’t have to get every leaf though, the will decompose and provide some nutrients to your yard.

Plant Some Spring Bulbs – Tulips, Crocus, Hyacinth, Daffodils, and Bluebell are all bulbs that can be planted in the Fall. This will give you beautiful spring flowers, but check to see when is the best time to plant for your region. Too early can cause them to sprout before winter sets in. Your local extension website should have details.

Water your shrubs and trees – Dehydration can cause tree damage in the winter months, especially in dry and rugged climate like Colorado. Keep dehydration from being a problem by giving them a long drink before the frost sets in.

Fertilze, Dethatch and Areate – a good fall fertilizer will let your lawn soak up some nutrients and get ready for that summer sun again. Dethatching will remove all that old grass, letting the turf get more sunlight and breathe better. Aerating will loosen up the soil that may be compacted from summer use and irrigation. This will let that fertilizer get down in the ground and help the lawn absorb the good things it needs to be lush in the spring.

Clean out the Garden, Weed and pick up the Poop – The cool fall weather is perfect to get those cleanup chores done. A little work now will make enjoying the spring sunshine more pleasurable.

Blow out the Sprinkler – Once you are done watering for the year, be sure to have someone come to blow out your in-ground sprinkler so the pipes don’t freeze. If you don’t you will have an expensive spring repair.

Fall Log Cabin Cleanup

Fall is the perfect time to get that backyard in shape, and the perfect time to update your house with a new log cabin look. TruLog Steel Siding is the best fall cleanup you can do for your house. Get rid of that old siding and replace it with beautiful, durable, fire resistant TruLog siding.

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