19 Unique Log Cabin Decorating Ideas

Log Cabin Home Décor Ideas th

There’s something romantic and charming about the idea of a log cabin home. This may be why design trends, such as rustic modern style, have been increasing in popularity of late; people are trying to capture these log cabin decorating ideas and imagery for themselves.

If you’re interested in decorating your home to look more like a log cabin, or you’re looking for log cabin décor for yourself, consider any of these interior ideas for log homes to get you started.

1. Rustic Kitchen Décor

Log Cabin Home Décor Ideas 1

(Photo credit: loghomecanada.blogspot.com/)

When decorating a log home, make sure that every room fits the aesthetic of the cabin. This kitchen does so by using a fieldstone peninsula, and rustic cabinetry featuring knot holes that match the peel log beams stretching across the ceiling.

2. Warm Furnishings

Log Cabin Home Décor Ideas 2

(Photo credit: gammaphibetaocu.com)

Whether your log cabin has soaring ceilings or is cozier in size, make sure that your furnishings give off the warmth and comfort necessary to complement the space. Log home decorations need to be comfortable and inviting to offset the rustic surroundings.

3. Rustic Furnishings

Log Cabin Home Décor Ideas 3

(Photo credit: luxuryflatsinlondon.com)

Another log cabin decorating idea involves using furnishings that have a matching style. In this case, the bedframe uses the same peeled wood logs that many log cabins use in their construction. This creates a cohesive design within the room, making the furnishings seem as though they were created just for this use.

4. Contemporary Contrast

Log Cabin Home Décor Ideas 4

(Photo credit: dalailamasandiego.com)

Transitional design is a great way to combine different styles in one room, such as this contemporary kitchen in a log home. Lots of wood, such as the barrel stools, helps to bridge the gap, while sleek surfaces and clean lines create a more contemporary vibe.

5. Bringing the Outdoors In

Log Cabin Home Décor Ideas 5

(Photo credit: Acmchome.com)

One method of decorating a log cabin is to simply emphasize the building materials. In this case, that means using more field stone and natural wood as the décor as well as the structure itself. Pieces of tree trunk, natural stone, and peeled logs infuse the home with style.

6. Simplistic Bathroom Design

Log Cabin Home Décor Ideas 6

(Photo credit: gkdes.com)

Sometimes the most effective styles are also the simplest. Log cabins often have similar exterior walls to their exteriors, which means they already have a lot going on in terms of style and interest. This bathroom design lets the wood walls take center stage, with a simple tub and vanity as the only décor.

7. Built-In Bunks

Log Cabin Home Décor Ideas 7

(Photo credit: BestofDIYideas.com)

Create a snug and cozy atmosphere by building the furniture right into the walls of the log home. This bed and chest set is built of the same wood as the home itself, creating a cohesive design that’s also high on charm and style.

8. Pale Wood

Log Cabin Home Décor Ideas 8

(Photo credit: antifatiguemat.biz)

When decorating a log home, you likely already have a lot going on in the space. Adding a lot of color or other detail can quickly overwhelm the occupants, which is why so many highly effective designs utilize more of the same wood or tones throughout a room. This kitchen uses the same pale wood on the cabinets as the walls and ceiling to help create a simple, yet effective design.

9. Cool Contrast

(Photo credit: Dzqxh.com)

If a room is overly large, however, sometimes a little contrast can be useful in highlight parts of it. To achieve that in this large, high-ceilinged kitchen, the cabinets are painted a rich blue/gray. The contrast to the warmer wood tones makes the kitchen pop, standing out from the rest of the home.

10. Natural Staircase

Log Cabin Home Décor Ideas 10

(Photo credit: Mountain Laurel Handrails)

Stairs are a frequently overlooked part of any interior design. Ideally, a staircase should complement the rest of the décor, particularly if the stairs are positioned where they’re easily seen. This staircase beautifully complements the rest of the home, made of peeled logs that match the exterior.

11. Simplistic Rustic Design

Log Cabin Home Décor Ideas 11

(Photo credit: chameli.us)

If you’re wondering how to decorate a log home, one no-fail method involves simply including some simple, rustic materials in the design. This field stone-clad kitchen uses stone very effectively on the walls and island to add texture to the room, while perfectly complementing the home.

12. Natural Color Palette

Log Cabin Home Décor Ideas 12

You can’t go wrong when decorating a log home if you use a warm, naturally-inspired color scheme. The use of burgundy and hunter green in this bedroom works perfectly with the wood tones, and helps call to mind pictures of cabins in the great outdoors.

13. Contrasting woods

Log Cabin Home Décor Ideas 13

(Photo credit: billielourde.org)

Many log homes use natural peeled logs as the walls of the interior, as well as the exterior. This isn’t the only way to decorate your log home, however. In this case, some of the walls use a vertical shiplap siding installation, rather than using the logs all over. The contrast adds a very subtle interest to the room.

14. Emphasizing Room Shapes

Log Cabin Home Décor Ideas 14

(Photo credit: michiganmajor.com)

For small log cabins, make the size of the space work for you by emphasizing the shape of the room as part of the décor. Shiplap wood walls in this bedroom show off the angles of the room perfectly, making the space appear to be larger than it really is.

15. Add Some Bold Color

Log Cabin Home Décor Ideas 15

(Photo credit: fulltextnews.com)

So many log cabin decorating ideas rely heavily on warm colors brought out by the wood. Ramp your style up a bit more by including the occasional pop of bold color as well. This fresh painting above the dark sofa really draws the eye, becoming a focal point in the room by being the only colors like it nearby.

16. Rustic Wall Hung Sink

Log Cabin Home Décor Ideas 16

(Photo credit:arolinc.com)

Make a statement in your bathroom by creating a unique sink out of the same style of wood used in the rest of the home. This wall hung sink stands out in a bathroom otherwise clad in gray-painted wood to emphasize it as the only natural color in the space.

17. Barn-Style Doors

Log Cabin Home Décor Ideas 17

(Photo credit: Doiazer.com)

Have some fun with your log cabin décor by utilizing barn-style doors in place of traditional hollow-core or raised panel doors. These sliding doors are ideal for small spaces like bathrooms as well, since they don’t take up space with a door swing that can confine what you place in the room.

18. Repeated Log Beams

Log Cabin Home Décor Ideas 18

(Photo credit: dalailamasandiego.com)

By picking one feature already present in your log cabin decorating, and repeating it again and again within the space, you can create a unique, yet very cohesive design. In this case, peeled wood beams are present in the walls, ceiling, furnishings, and fireplace mantel, creating a room that hangs together well.

19. Statement Light Fixtures

Log Cabin Home Décor Ideas 19

(Photo credit: sitkaloghomes.com)

Never overlook the importance of a good light fixture and the impact it can have on your interior design. This chandelier uses branch line arms to give it a subtle, rustic look that pairs well with the wooden beams and furniture already in place in the room.

Learn How to Decorate a Log Home

There’s no one way to decorate a log cabin or to create a log cabin décor inside another style of home. Use any of these designs as a jumping off point to creating your own rustic décor, and get the look you’ve always wanted for your home.

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