Log Cabin Cooking: Brisket and Biscuit

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Photo by fishermansdaughter

All right, you’ve made yourself a nice, cozy getaway in the wilderness. You’ve got your wool blanket, a nice fire going, and the best pair of comfy slippers you could ask for.

Now, what’s for dinner?

In this installment of our Log Cabin Cooking series, we’ll go over one of our favorites– a hearty brisket with delicious biscuits. Best of all, the only things you’ll need are cast iron cookware and a handy dutch oven! (For more information on these great tools, take a look at our previous blog on the subject.)

Cooking brisket with a dutch oven is a breeze. Dutch ovens were made for just this kind of cooking– slow simmering, and keeping in flavor. Done right, brisket cooked in a dutch oven can be some of the softest, most delicious meat you’ve ever tasted! If you’re still not sure how to cook in your dutch oven, don’t worry. Here’s a great step-by-step guide put together by Sunset to give you the pro-edge!

Putting together the brisket is pretty easy. All you have to do is pick your choice of veggies, and toss them in the pot to cook until they’re soft! We recommend tomatoes, onions, beef broth, and beans. Add whatever else you’d like– Log Cabin Cooking is very low pressure. If you’re looking for something special, go for some fresh chiles or garlic!

You’ve done the brisket– now for the biscuit!

Once you’ve simmered the mix of veggies and beef broth for about a half hour, add the shredded brisket and simmer for a while longer, until you’re satisfied. Depending on your elevation, it could be around ten to fifteen minutes.

While that’s cooking, go ahead and start the biscuits! You can use your favorite biscuit recipe–we like the good old-fashioned ones–but remember, if you’re cooking at altitude, the biscuits will cook differently. Take a look at this baking at altitude guide for more information. We don’t want your biscuits to come out too doughy!

The best biscuits are about an inch thick before you bake them. Make sure to add any ingredients–cheese or peppers, if you’d like–by folding them in together with the dough. Finally, once you’ve finished the biscuit dough and the brisket and beans, lay some beans at the bottom of a cast iron skillet, cover with biscuit dough, and bake until the biscuits are golden brown. It’s as easy as that!

Nothing tastes quite as good as a log-cabin dinner. Here at TruLog, we value the heck out of a good, home-cooked meal. If you’re like us, with a taste for good old-fashioned log cabin cooking, you should stay tuned to our TruLog Log Cabin blog! We have all the log cabin lifestyle information you could need.

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