Log Cabin Colors: 7 Options for Your Cabin Siding

Log Cabin Colors

A log cabin is the ideal way to bring rustic charm to your home, whether you are looking for that wild feeling year-round or just as a vacation getaway. The classic look of a log cabin instantly brings ease of mind and relaxation, even if you are just minutes away from a busy town. However, real wood logs are not accessible or practical for every home. TruLog offers steel log cabin siding that mimics the look of real logs without all the maintenance needs of wood.

Log Cabin Colors

What many don’t realize is that the typical log home look with brown logs is not your only option with steel log cabin siding. There are actually log home siding looks for every taste. Steel log siding comes in different colors so that the rustic look can be customized to your personal style.

Just because a log cabin has a primitive look does not mean it has to be boring. Check out these seven different color options for your log cabin siding.

1. Canyon Red

Log Cabin Colors 1

If you would like your log cabin to have a look with a more southwest style, the Canyon Red color is perfect for you, evoking the beautiful color of a canyon. The red hue also stands out in wooded landscapes, making your home pop against green and brown trees. This log cabin siding color is perfect for the cabin lover with a more unique style.

2. Autumn Brown

Log Cabin Colors 2

If a classic look that fits the woods is more your style, the Autumn Brown shade could be the right fit for your home. This rich brown color blends right in with nature and brings a traditional log look to steel siding. When you think of the idyllic log cabin, Autumn Brown is the shade that comes to mind.

3. Cedar

Log Cabin Colors 3

For another traditional wood look, consider a Cedar shade that brings the beautiful tone of cedar wood to your log cabin siding. Cedar is a very sought after wood for siding, but is typically very expensive and requires a lot of maintenance. Choosing this Cedar steel siding gives you the attractive look of cedar without the upkeep. This example with stone accents also gives the cabin an elevated, luxurious look.

4. Sable

Log Cabin Colors 4

For a lighter brown siding option, consider Sable log cabin siding. This color is a softer version of the traditional image of a log cabin. Sable would fit in for both wooded and less wooded areas, because the softer brown is not as stark in an area with fewer trees. Choose Sable log cabin siding to bring the look of a log cabin even in not-so-rural areas.

5. Red Cedar

Log Cabin Colors 5

Nothing evokes a warm feeling like the look of red cedar siding. Red Cedar shade of steel log cabin siding gives that cozy feeling without the maintenance needs of real cedar. Trying complementary colors on your roof and stone accents, like in this example, can bring out the beautiful tone of this siding even more. You can just picture a fire roaring inside of this warm cabin, even with steel siding.

6. Colorado Pine

Log Cabin Colors 6

Choose the Colorado Pine cabin siding color if you like a Western look. The realistic pine tone of this siding looks right at home in any natural setting, but brings the spirit of the Colorado wilderness. Imagine how beautiful this tone would look among snow-covered trees in the winter.

7. Barnwood Gray

Log Cabin Colors 7

If you are looking for a trendy look for your log cabin siding, look no further than this Barnwood Gray color from TruLog siding. This unique shade gives you the opportunity to get the trendy grey look, very popular right now in home design, even in a faux log cabin. For a Pinterest-worthy trendy log cabin, Barnwood Gray is the perfect siding choice.

Choose a Color that Fits Your Style

There is not just one color choice for log cabins, especially if you choose lower maintenance steel log cabin siding. TruLog offers seven distinct colors to fit any style, but all maintain the look of a rustic log cabin. With shipping around the country, you can achieve this look right in your own setting. Contact a TruLog representative today to discuss the options available for you. No matter your personal home design style, you can live out your dreams of a picturesque log cabin.

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