10 Log Cabin and Home Blogs to Check Out

log cabin blogs

Log cabin living is a way of life that many people admire, even when it’s from afar. If you live in a log home, or aspire to, you may want to check out some of these log cabin blogs.

Blogging is a great way to gain access to a community, learn tips and tricks you may not find elsewhere, and get advice for issues you may have either now or in the future. These 10 log home blog sites are a great place to join in the conversation, learn some new things, or just get inspired by the beautiful homes people love to show off. Check out any or all of these sites to learn more.

1. Cottonwood Creek

If you love a good story, and you’re interested in the process of building a log home from the ground up, check out the blog at Cottonwood Creek. This family built their own log home by hand in just three years. They finished both the exterior and interior, and did it all mortgage free. The blog is laid out in chapters, so you can follow along with their progress step-by-step from the original plans right through to the creation.

2. Log Home Neighborhood

The blog at Log Home Neighborhood isn’t your typical, flashy, single writer blog. Instead, it’s a very large collection of posts by people in all areas in the log home industry. You’ll find articles on design, maintenance, landscaping, investment properties, and repairs. It’s basically a one-stop-shop for all your log home blogging needs, and each blog is laid out in a quick view format, so you can decide if an article is right for you before clicking through.

3. Log Cabin Hub

Log Cabin Hub is an easy to navigate site with a variety of topics to choose from, each linked in some way to log home design or living. You’ll find sections on how-to’s, as well as design, build, decorating, and more. There’s also plenty of informational reading, such as pieces on the oldest log homes still standing, and what to look for if you’re purchasing a log home that’s already been lived in.

4. Appalachian Log Structures

Appalachian Log Structures knows log homes inside and out. They also know the people who build them, and what it is they’re looking for in their new homes. That’s why their blog is so helpful. Filled with advice on selecting your home, affordable options and alternatives, designs, maintenance, and more. You’ll get a lot of great ideas here, as well as tips and tricks that can help make things easier no matter what stage your in of the log home building – or living – process.

5. Log Cabin Connection

If you’re looking for a community of fellow log cabin and log home lovers, you’ll find it at the Log Cabin Connection. Their website features blogs, forums, tips, discussion, and other ways you can get the help and advice you’re looking for. It’s also a great place to connect with other like-minded people. You need to subscribe to the site to get access to the blog and forums, but this is free, and you’ll get an instantly helpful connection to others who share your same way of life.

6. The Shelter Blog

The Shelter Blog looks at homes and buildings in a completely new way – as more than simply four walls and a roof. They have a section dedicated to log cabins and log homes, which includes a variety of information on non-typical structures. You’ll find information on creating tiny log homes, mobile log homes, timber homes and more. These unique homes are beautifully showcased, so you can get an idea of what may be possible for your future build, or just follow along for the stories that accompany each unique building and plan.

7. After Orange County

If you want information, ideas, and inspiration on what it would be like to renovate a log cabin, resort-style home, or other unique property, then check out the blog at After Orange County. This former OC housewife has taken on some really impressive renovations, including a complete start to finish reno of a log home. Her posts are detailed, interesting, and take you step by step through the entire process. She’s also taken on other projects as well, making for a unique and interesting renovation blog that can give you some fantastic ideas for your own home – no matter what style it may be.

8. Small Cabin

If you’re more interested in real-time discussion than reading something after the fact, be sure to check out the forum at Small Cabin. Here you’ll find helpful advice, stories, topics of all kinds, and a way for you to interact with others, ask questions, and give advice of your own. The site is broken down by topic, so you can easily find the sections that are most relevant to you. Anyone can read, but to join the conversation, you will need to register as a member, which takes just minutes and is free.

9. LogHome Living

LogHome Living is a beautifully appointed online magazine that centers on the log home life. You’ll find ideas for decorating your log home, advice for repairs, and inspiration for creating or building your own. They have floor plans, design ideas, layouts, maintenance tips, and inspiring stories. Whether you already own a log home, or you’re considering one, this site is a great place to start on gathering the information and ideas that you need.

10. Backwoods Home

Many people who are interested in log home living are also interested in self-reliance, and a more simple lifestyle. The blog at Backwoods Home is dedicated to that purpose. With tips and ideas for living a self-sustaining lifestyle, they also have a variety of information on constructing and maintaining log homes. You can read past issues and articles for free or subscribe to read current editions on your tablet for a small monthly fee. They also have a forum as well, so you can connect with other like-minded people.

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