Location, Location, Location – Choosing the best place to build your cabin

Nobody wants a cabin in the middle of the city.

Location, location, location
Photo by Forest Service – Northern Region

Neither do a lot of us want a cabin, say, perched on the edge of a cliff, or stuck in the middle of the desert. Like so many other things in life, choosing the right plot for your cabin is best done by keeping one single rule firmly in mind: location, location, location. That’s why the team here at Tru Log has taken the liberty of listing just a few things that we look for in the ideal plot of land for the log cabins we love.

For instance, ever think of what you’ll do once you arrive at your getaway? Homebody or not, it’s always a good idea to think about what you plan on doing to keep yourself occupied once you’re on vacation–whether you prefer outdoor adventures or spending time in town, keep in mind the area to which you’re committing.

National parks and forests can provide a lifetime’s worth of happy memories.

There are all of the well-known ones, like our very own Roosevelt National Forest and Arapaho National Forest, just outside of Fort Collins, which offer hunting, hiking, camping and more. Or, if you prefer something a little more off the beaten path, think about land near the Black Canyon of the Gunnison (one of the most beautiful national monuments this side of the Grand Canyon) or land near Great Sand Dunes National Monument in the San Luis valley.

Of course, that’s just in our home state of Colorado. Each of the fifty states has its own wild places, from Maine’s Acadia National Park to Arizona’s Saguaro National Park. No matter what you look for in terrain, chances are you’ll find it near one of the many national parks, forests, or monuments in the US.

Or maybe you prefer to have a cabin near a great little town? Nothing beats that small-town feel, especially if it’s somewhere as gorgeous as Telluride, Colorado. Or if that doesn’t seem quite your speed, maybe try Eureka Springs, Arkansas? Regardless, if you’re the type to spend an afternoon or evening on the town, think about how far away you really want to be from, say, a cold beer or a nice cup of coffee. There are plenty of places in America that make you feel like you’re out in the wilderness, while still being close enough to town for dinner and a movie!

No matter where you choose to put it, a cabin can be a great place to spend some quality time. But taking the time to choose the right location can give you a home away from home. Or, if you really like where you’ve set down your roots, a cabin in the right place can be where you were always meant to be!

Do you have questions about cabin construction and maintenance? Just ask— Tru Log can answer your questions and guarantee a home to come back to for years to come!

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