Keeping Bears Out of Your Log Home

bear at log cabin in woods

If you have a log cabin anywhere in the USA, it’s important to make sure that you take steps to keep bears out. Bears can be dangerous to both yourself and your cabin, so to find out the steps that you can take to ensure they don’t enter your home, follow these steps!

Guard your garbage

Don’t leave your garbage anywhere that bears could locate and rummage through it. If they can smell trash, they will be tempted to go onto your property, which could make them more likely to enter your home.

Close windows

Another tip for ensuring that bears stay out of your log cabin is to simply close the windows. If you do this, bears won’t smell or see any food in the cabin and be less likely to smell or see any food.

Motion sensitive lights

Motion sensitive lights will come on when triggered, which should startle bears and encourage them to not go too far onto property. If you don’t have any, you could also use something that will create a loud noise.

Use pine oil

Pine oil is a great way to deter bears. You can splash some around your doors and walls, or anywhere where you want to keep out the creatures. However, some sweet-scented oils, like lavender oil or lemon oil, may attract bears and should be avoided.

Install a bear door

Bears in some parts of the country have figured out how to open doors, ready to enter your home and steal whatever food you have on the table! To combat this, think about the security of your doors.

Bear doors weigh 1,600 pounds which are too heavy for them to open, they have smooth surfaces so bears can’t grab hold of them, and they have more complicated ways to open or close doors.

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