Insuring a Log Home

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Log homes present special challenges as you look for insurance coverage. Materials used to build the log home, the location of your log home and the value of your log home are just a few of the things that could affect how much you pay for insurance premiums. When you build a home completely from wood or mostly wood, a variety of factors makes your home susceptible to higher insurance costs. In fact, you may even find it difficult to find an insurance company who will cover your log home.

Why is it often so Expensive to Insure a Log Home?

Insurance premiums for log homes can be influenced by:

  • Home value and construction. Based on the type of logs you use, how much of the structure is wood, and whether the construction is new, your insurance premiums may be quite high. If you have a new, handcrafted log home, it may have some fire resistance, but the cost of rebuilding will be high in the event that your home is damaged. The insurance company will take this high replacement cost into account. Log homes made from prefabricated kits may be insured for a lower premium because the insurance company knows that log replacement will be less expensive.
  • Proximity of a fire station. While your log home may be more or less fire resistant based on the materials, the insurer will consider how close your home is to a fire hydrant and fire station. The endearing quality of log homes is often the setting in which you find them. We often think of a log home tucked away in a rural area or in the forest, mimicking the natural surroundings. But the insurance company will take note of how long it would take the fire department to get to your cabin, should it catch on fire.
  • Insect infestation. Log homes are highly susceptible to insects moving in. Termites and other insects can cause a great deal of damage, a risk for which your insurance company may want you to pay extra.

While some insurance companies won’t even provide a homeowner’s policy for a log home, many others will, but you may have to buy additional riders for each thing you want covered. Ultimately, this can add up to a very expensive premium. In fact, one article from quotes an insurance agent who places the cost of insuring a log home at 20% to 25% more than the cost of insuring a traditional stick-frame home.*

Have the Log-Style Home of your Dreams without Unreasonable Premiums

TruLog™ steel log siding does not increase your insurance premium. In fact, you may even enjoy a reduced premium because of the steel’s fire resistance, insect resistance and durability in severe weather.

Crafted from heavy gauge steel, TruLog™ steel log siding comes with the charming aesthetic of a log home without those risks that are unique to wood logs. You can save money not only on the insurance premium, but also on maintenance savings. TruLog™ siding can last for decades without needing to be replaced. And perhaps most importantly, TruLog™ provides you with freedom from constant maintenance, allowing you to spend time with loved ones and doing the things you most enjoy.

To get a free estimate for the cost of TruLog™ for your home project, please call our helpful and experienced team at 970-646-4490. We are located in Loveland, Colorado and ship our American-manufactured steel log siding directly to you.


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