Insulating a Log Cabin

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Among the big questions facing those preparing to build or upgrade a cabin are queries related to the best insulation for exterior walls. Many people, for example, ask if they can add foam insulation to the insides of exterior log cabin walls in order to improve their energy efficiency.

Of course, the best choice for you and your home depends on a number of individual factors. But one option for achieving the rustic charms of a traditional log cabin with the energy-efficiency of a modern home is log-like steel siding systems like TruLog™, which replicates the look and textural details of natural timber with insulation-backed panels. To learn more about TruLog, call us at 970-646-4490.

Log Cabins and Insulation

Log cabins are generally not very energy-efficient, and many who consider buying or renovating a log home wonder about leaving the logs exposed versus installing insulation under drywall or another covering.

Log cabin manufacturers and sellers sometimes play up wood’s “thermal mass” as an insulating factor. Thermal mass is the property that helps a structure maintain its interior temperature as temperatures outside fluctuate. The thermal mass of most woods, including those used in the construction of log cabins, is not as substantial as the thermal mass of other materials.

Adding insulation to a log home’s interior, then covering the insulation with drywall or panels is an option, but it can be costly and challenging. Because of their shape, logs create gaps between themselves and segments of insulation, and depending on the structure of your home it’s not always practical to wall over the existing interior.

TruLog™ Steel Siding and Energy Efficiency

Ideally, as one architect pointed out on the Green Home Guide’s Ask a Pro forum, the exterior of a log cabin would be wrapped in insulation and then the insulation would be covered. This idea, however, obviously masks the aesthetic value of the cabin.

One solution to the log home insulation dilemma is insulated, log-like siding such as TruLog. TruLog’s contoured steel panels are designed to mimic the appearance and texture of authentic logs, right down to the wood grain, hew lines and chinking. But TruLog’s multi-patented system is also designed with energy efficiency in mind.

TruLog is backed with form-fitting foam for exceptional insulation, and it offers a greater R-value than comparable siding materials and insulated logs. The R-value measures the thermal resistance of building materials such as insulation and siding, and properly insulated steel siding like TruLog has proven more effective in maintaining cool inside temperatures during the hot months and keeping the inside warm during cold weather than wood and other materials.

TruLog can also be placed over many existing home frames, allowing your home to maintain interior insulation behind the walls while providing additional insulative value.

To learn more about TruLog and its energy benefits, please contact TruLog online or call us at 970-646-4490. TruLog is based in Loveland, Colorado, but we ship nationwide and work with professional installers in multiple states including Colorado, Wyoming, Texas, Missouri and Pennsylvania.

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