Inspiration for Log Cabin Offices

Regardless of if your log cabin is tucked in a suburb or out on 150 acres, you need space to keep paperwork and electronics. Spreading them across your cabin makes little sense. Instead, check out these fantastic options for home offices.

Up in the Loft

Your log cabin probably has a loft, but you may not use it often. However, lofts are the perfect space for a tucked-away office. The rest of the cabin won’t distract you, but you can still tune in if needed. Plus, there’s a separation of space, which is always beneficial for getting work done.

Off the Kitchen

The space around a kitchen is always a good possibility for a home office. You may have an unused wall, a rearrangeable mudroom, or even a nook. Having an office in this part of your log cabin allows you to supervise kids or draw inspiration from all the creativity that happens in the kitchen.

Under the Stairs

Log cabin stairs often have wasted space around them. With a little creativity, this dead space makes the perfect small office. Typically, log cabin builders like to leave the area around the stairs open for the feeling. However, adding a desk or built-in can create the ideal office space. After all, you don’t need to be able to stand where you put the desk, just sit comfortably.

With the Best View

Putting your office setup near a window is always a good idea. However, placing it so you can look out offers a certain peace. Since it’s your log cabin, a low desk that fits under the window in wood should flow seamlessly. People might never know it wasn’t part of your original decoration.

Additionally, any guest bedrooms you have are good options for a full office setup with filing cabinets. Since these are rarely used rooms, a home office setup will not disturb anyone. If you pick a rolling desk, you could even remove it when guests arrive. Your home office needs to work for you all the time.

Tucked in the Corner

Often, you can find unused space in the corners of your home. You don’t want to put anything there since the area is small, but you don’t want it to be empty either. A lovely corner desk solves the problem. The working area adds interest to the space. As a bonus, using the full corner means you gain enough space for all your office materials.

Casual Space

Realistically, your log cabin may not require a large office or a fully dedicated room. Instead, a small table and chair set could house everything you need. This arrangement can be placed anywhere and moved about as required. If your home office is a simple laptop and mouse, this is the way for you. It is flexibility meets comfort for your log cabin.

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