5 New and Innovative Products and Materials for Builders in 2019

Innovation is a fundamental necessity in home building. With an ever-increasing influx of fresh and fun ideas, home building continues to be a great source of creative expression for families, house flippers, first-time home owners, and retirees—not to mention those who make a living in home construction and building design.

But not all products are created simply for the sake of artistic expression and design. Many of the new products that continue to experience incredible success right out of the gate are actually focused on bringing practical solutions to classic home building issues.

More so now than ever, it’s critical to stay on top of cutting-edge trends so that you don’t invest in products that are already on their way to becoming obsolete. The products selected for this article combine the best of both worlds—they showcase fun and fresh designs while also providing innovative solutions to problems that homeowners commonly face.

Take a look at these 5 new products and materials that have been carefully selected for home builders in 2019.

1. Convertible Roof Windows

innovative roofing materials

Everyone loves a skylight. Having a natural source of light illuminating the home can be a fantastic asset. But the skylight has come a long way since its first introduction to the market. One of the most exciting new building products available in 2019 is the convertible roof window, a skylight-inspired window that can open and close in response to interior settings to help create the perfect ambiance.

Installed with a sensor-based operating system, these windows – and accompanying blinds and shutters – have the ability to sense humidity, temperature, and CO2 levels and respond accordingly. Controls can be synced to your smartphone for easy access, too! Netatmo is one of the leaders of this new window innovation.

2. Board and Batten Siding

Innovative Products and Materials for Builders

Another excellent new building material for 2019 is a steel log siding application that has the classic look of board and batten siding. This approach takes advantage of the conventional aesthetics of maritime-inspired board and batten siding while using highly formulated materials for an incredibly heightened performance.

Steel log siding is essentially maintenance-free, thanks to a specially-formulated steel material. Unlike traditional wood siding, steel log siding won’t chip, fade, warp, rot, or crack—it’s that durable!

TruLog has perfected the craft, and they now offer a wide selection of exquisite siding options so you can get the charming board and batten look, regardless of your home’s setting, dimensions, or surrounding materials. Selecting TruLog steel log siding is an excellent way to make a long-term investment in your home’s exterior, making it one of the most popular and exciting new options for home building materials in 2019.

3. Smart Watering Systems

Lawn care is often an element of home building that first-time home owners don’t think about until construction is finished and they’re ready to start planting flowers. Instead of going backwards and trying to install a watering system retroactively, it can be advantageous to plan ahead by selecting a highly-efficient watering system that is integrated into the building process.

New options for 2019 include many smart watering systems which combine the best that technology has to offer in order to deliver precision water usage. Systems like the House Hydrant by Aquor consist of high-grade devices, like an atmospheric vacuum breaker and debris cover, to provide outdoor faucet systems. With heightened efficiency, smart watering systems serve as an eco-friendly tool that will help cut down on wasted water.

4. Floating Shower Doors

innovative shower options

When it comes to indoor building materials, one of the coolest products forecasted for 2019 is the floating shower door. While it may sound futuristic, the floating shower door relies on refined scientific applications, including magnetic levitation, to provide a door that is silent and easy to use. MagLev is the leading provider in this category, as they claim to be the producers of the world’s first magnetic levitating shower door. In addition to eliminating squeaky hinges, the floating shower door may be easier to clean, since the core mechanisms are more accessible.

5. Sustainable Pest Barriers

Finally, this last building option that is new to the market in 2019 tackles an issue that many homeowners don’t like to talk about: rodents. While the thought may be unpleasant, considering a reliable pest control system is a great idea that often pays off in the long run.

Polyguard has introduced a new option which serves as a comprehensive barrier system for buildings. Using targeted sealant and flashing, this innovative barrier system protects against insects, rodents, pests, moisture, and energy, tackling multiple concerns in one go!

Stay on Top of 2019 Trends

Whether you are renovating your home or starting entirely from scratch in 2019, be sure to consider these five exciting new building options as you plan your project, as they provide cutting-edge solutions without sacrificing important design aesthetics.

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