How to Split Wood

How to Split Wood

When you’re at your cabin, wood is essential. You’ll use it to make a campfire, which is pretty much crucial when you’re sitting outside on cabin nights! It’s easy enough to find wood when you’re out in nature around a cabin, but how do you split it? This article explains precisely that!

How to split wood with an ax

If you have an ax, you’ll need the following gear: an ax, a chopping block, a sledgehammer, a wedge, gloves, and safety glasses.

The ax will ideally be heavy, maybe even a maul. These are specific axes that are suitable for cutting larger logs. Using a chopping block, glasses and gloves will help you stay safe.

Lots of logs will split with just one swing of the ax, but you might need the sledgehammer or a wedge for any bigger logs.

The best way to stand is square, directly in front of the wood, rather than with one foot in front of another.

Other than that, it’s relatively easy to split wood with an ax!

How to split wood without an ax

If you don’t have an ax, splitting wood is a bit more challenging. However, there are still some ways to do it.

First, if you have a saw, you can cut through the entire log. But if you don’t have a saw, you can use a simple knife to split the wood.

Tap your knife into the wood using a hammer. Then, you can use a hammer or a larger piece of wood to press the knife further down the wood.

If the wood is larger, you’ll need to carve out small wedges from the wood, gradually working your way down until you are all the way through.

It can be a bit more challenging to split wood without an ax, but with some persistence, you’ll get there!

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