How to Prevent Burglaries at Your Cabin

Cabins, which are usually located in remote places, without many people around and often left unguarded, can unsurprisingly find themselves to be the target of burglaries. 

If you are wondering how to prevent cabin burglaries, we’re here to help. There is plenty that you can do to avoid being a victim of theft; in this article, we’ll look at precisely what that is!

How to prevent cabin burglaries

Make it look like someone is living there

The isolation of cabins is definitely one reason why they often get robbed, but another is the fact that they often don’t look like someone is living there. Cabins are frequently left for months at a time, and burglars can tell. Often, they will monitor a cabin over a set amount of time to see if anyone is around before breaking in. This means that making it look like someone living there is one of the best ways to prevent a cabin burglary.

Even if you can’t make it to your cabin to check on it once a week, there are some methods to make it look more like someone is living there – or at least checking in consistently.

Move items around

Whenever you go to the cabin, make it evident that you’ve been there. Change something in the yard – for example, move your tools, or add a new installment. Do an obvious clean-up job and make the property look lived in. 

Of course, when it comes to security, nothing compares to actually being at the cabin. The more you are there, the more you will be able to move stuff around – so security could be another excuse to have more cabin weekends! If you can’t do that, then maybe ask a trustworthy neighbor to pop round from time to time and move some items. 

Make tracks in snow

Again, you’ll need a neighbor for this one, but if it snows during the winter at your cabin, one of the best ways to prevent a cabin burglary is by asking your neighbor to make some tracks around your property. Request that they drive down to the cabin and walk around it, leaving both tire tracks and footprints and alluding that someone is there. 

Use timers on lights

It’s not a good idea to leave your cabin in pitch-black darkness every night while you are away. Attaching some timers to your lights is a good idea; they will come on for a few hours when it is dark and turn themselves off around bedtime. 

Remember to adjust them according to sunset time and switch them around every time you visit the cabin, so anyone monitoring the house doesn’t work out that they are on a timer!

Install trail cameras

Hopefully, the steps above will help prevent a burglary. But if you are victim to one, it is a lot easier to claim your insurance if you have evidence. This is where a camera comes in handy. If you don’t want to invest in CCTV, consider an easy-to-use trail camera. These are used to monitor various animals’ movements but are also incredibly effective at catching unwanted intruders!

These cameras are easy to set up, affordable, and generally run on batteries. Despite this, they manage to capture detailed images of both intruders and car number plates, which can then be sent to the police. 

The potential of a cabin break-in can always be a bit anxiety-inducing for owners, but these steps should have helped you work out how to prevent cabin burglaries. These methods will deter most robbers, and if they do break in, you will have substantial evidence on the trail cameras to hopefully make a claim.

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