How to Outfit Your Log Cabin Rental Bedroom

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Log cabins make great rentals, especially when they are in a rustic location. TruLog steel log siding can be used to make the outside of a rental cabin look fantastic and maintenance free, but what can be used to make the interior both easy to maintain and great for guests. Here are a few ideas for outfitting the bedroom in your rental cabin or Airbnb.

A good foam mattress is a great place to start. Once nice thing about the foam mattresses is not only are they comfortable, sturdy, and long-lasting they can be shipped through the mail. This means you don’t have to find a truck, go to a store and haul in a new mattress. They ship in a box! Pick one that has a good price and is nice and firm, but still comfortable.

Get high-quality pillows. You never know what kind of pillow a guest will want, but finding something high quality and comfortable could make the difference between a good and bad review.

Find good quality sheets at a reasonable price. Sheets should be soft and comfortable, but not break the bank. One option to recently hit the market is disposable sheets. These disposable sheets have five to seven layers that can just be peeled off and composted. These can save on laundry costs, which may be a big concern in some remote locations where water is at a premium and make sure your visitors always have pristine, clean sheets.

Your log cabin rental should be warm and cozy. A goose down comforter will give warmth with a moderate weight. Look for something durable that will stand up to lots of visitors to keep costs down.

Duvet Cover
Comforters are hard to launder and expensive. Having a duvet cover to protect the comforter is always a great idea. Ikea makes a very reasonably priced plain cotton duvet cover or you might opt for a printed cover that goes with the rustic decor of your log cabin rental.

Renting your log home can be a great idea, and help make a few extra dollars. Making wise choices on these bedroom items will help the bottom line and keep the renters happy.

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