How to Maintain a Dirt Road

If you have a dirt road near your cabin, it will usually be your responsibility to maintain it. With changing weather, it can be challenging to know how to maintain a dirt road – but this blog post is here to help!

Control water flow

Water makes it very difficult to maintain a dirt road. This is because it can make the dirt go boggy and sticky, which can cause vehicles to get trapped!

It’s also important to keep an eye on sleet and snow. Snow can create a bog, which is near impossible to navigate in a vehicle.

Therefore, it’s essential to have a road that water will run away from. You could make the middle of the road higher than the sides – this is called ‘crowning’ a road.

If this is impossible, you will need to find another way to control the water flow. Look at how it runs off the road and try to find a solution to install a culvert or add a grade dip.

Remove any obstacles

Make sure that any obstacles are quickly removed when they fall onto your dirt road. For example, storms can cause trees to blow over or debris to collect in the road. It’s crucial to make sure that these are removed immediately to avoid any blockages or further problems.

Smooth out ruts

Ruts can quickly appear in a dirt road, and they need to be smoothed out.

You can do this by attaching a drag – like a log or a large piece of metal – to the back of your car and driving down the road while it smooths it out.

You may need to do this a few times to smooth out the ruts properly.

Maintaining a dirt road can be tricky, but you’ll have a well-functioning path leading to your cabin with these solutions!

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