how to get the perfect stain color

When you own a cabin, there are a few things that you will need to do to protect it. One of these is to give it an efficient stain to protect it from weather conditions. Stain protects logs from UV exposure, as well as other weather conditions including rain, wind, and snow. 

Stains can come in different tones – dark, mid-tone, light, and anywhere in between. You could also choose a tone of red, brown, or gray, and finishes – like matte, semi-gloss, and gloss. 

Stain Color is a Combination

One of the most important things to remember when applying stain color is that it combines all the stain colors, plus the original wood color. So you’ve got to bear in mind where you are starting from, and what its undertone is. Then, try to use the same stain (including the same brand, as they can vary) for each coat of your stain color. 

The porosity of the wood also affects it

The tightness of the wood’s pores also affects your stain color. Tighter pores will absorb less of the stain, whereas looser ones will absorb a lot more. This is important to remember, as not all wood colors will give the same stain color! The wood’s current status also affects the final stain color – for example, if the wood has been sanded or left in the open air for a while, it could have a different color again.

Make sure you sample

You will get a different color each time, as it depends on the wood’s exact status. If you want to make sure you know what color your stain will be, sampling is essential! 

An alternative stain solution

If all of this sounds too complex, we’ve got an alternative solution. Our Tru Log Siding is an alternative to traditional logs that you may use for your cabin. With Tru Log Sliding, you won’t need to worry about applying stain color at all – we’ve already done all the work for you! 

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