How to Decorate Your Ceiling

When you’ve got a cabin, the ceiling is your oyster!

There are many ways to decorate your log cabin ceiling, from rustic designs that will make it feel homely to elaborate murals that will bring the outside inside.

Here are some of our top ideas!

Paint it white

There is a reason why so many rooms have white ceilings – it makes them look a lot bigger and gives a bright, airy atmosphere.

While cabins are usually very homely, low ceilings can make them seem dark, dingy, and even a bit old-fashioned.

However, if you paint your ceiling white, it’ll immediately give the room a glow-up, and give the whole cabin a more contemporary feel.

Bare wood

This might not sound like the most exciting of decorations, but believe us – it’s one of the best.

You can continue with the type of wood you use for the walls or use a different kind for the ceiling. Restore any beams and let them give off that rustic air of being in the countryside.

If you want to give your cabin a unique atmosphere, you could even make flower chains and hang them from the beams – or add fairy lights!

Paint a mural

Murals aren’t just for walls! If you want to have a real ‘back to nature’ themed cabin, consider painting a mural on the ceiling.

Which mural is up to you. For example, you could replicate the sky by painting it blue and adding clouds or create an entire solar system on the ceiling!

It doesn’t have to be the sky, though – paint flowers or trees if you want!

This idea is particularly popular with children’s bedrooms, but it suits any room in the cabin – whether you’re young or old!

Don’t underestimate the importance of creating a beautiful ceiling in your cabin. It will give the place a wonderful finishing touch!

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