How to Create Guest Quarters in Your Log Home

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It’s hard to believe how full of history log homes are. They were first introduced to the world back in the 17th century and have now become the pure definition of rustic beauty. The look and feel of a log home entices many to want to skip the hustle and bustle of city life for a tranquil and serene environment with nature by building their very own log home. In fact, more and more are opting out of traditional urban housing to live up in the mountains where it’s nice and quiet in their own log home (or at least build one for weekend trips, summer/winter vacations and as rental options).

Whatever the reason is, log homes are becoming increasingly popular these days and the more rooms your log home has, the better! That’s why we want to help you strategize how to create guest quarters in your log home that are so cozy, your guest(s) won’t ever want to leave. The more the merrier is what log homes are all about!

What kind of guests are you expecting

The first thing you want is to know your guests to decide on how big the space should be and where you should put the room(s). You want guests to be comfortable and not feel cramped. If the grandparents are visiting, they might not want to climb stairs, or if you’ll have guests with kids, you’ll want enough room for the whole family to fit.

Limit the furnishings

You don’t want the guest quarters to feel cramped, but open and airy, which is why you should really limit furnishings and décor. Have the basics – bed, chest of drawers, nightstand and maybe something special, but don’t over pack the room. Also make it comfy with quilts, throws, big pillows and the like, which guests will appreciate.

Rustic Design

You want the guest quarters to have character, so the accents are what will make the room(s) great! Natural colors, fabrics and more will add character to the log house’s aesthetics and match the overall design of the home great.

Guest quarters should be inviting and humble, creating a comfortable space for guests in your log home. And to help with building your guest quarters, TruLog™ Steel Log Siding is here to help! Our logs give you the look and feel of natural logs without all of the maintenance, making us the best choice for building your guest quarters!

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