How to Build a Sustainable Log Cabin

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Building a log cabin is the dream of many people, to just create a space in the woods they can hideout during the weekends. On the other hand, a log cabin can be very environmentally unfriendly, but it doesn’t have to be. When you follow our advice, your sustainable log cabin will be greener than most regular houses.

Solar panels

This is a rather obvious solution, but it’s too good not to mention. Most current log cabins get their energy from gas, coal or oil, which aren’t particularly sustainable energy sources. Installing solar panels on the roof will provide you with plenty of energy for the time you’re there. If you’re smart then you make sure to have the sun fall on the roof during winter more than during summer, since that will be the time you need more energy.

TruLog Steel Log Siding

TruLog siding is made of steel but has the look of a true wood log cabin. Not only will this save you hours’ worth of maintenance, it’s also a lot more sustainable than real wood. The wood will need to be maintained every couple of years and since logging destroys trees that take a long time to grow.  TruLog siding also comes with insulation and will make your home more energy efficient. Choosing steel will be far better for the environment.

Surround your log cabin with trees

Surrounding your log cabin with trees is aesthetically very pleasing but it will also save you some energy. Deciduous trees won’t block the heat from the sun during winter but will provide shade in the summer. In other words, you will save energy and money on your air conditioner. You’re not only saving the environment but your wallet as well.

Environmentally friendly appliances and lighting

Much of the energy in a log home is used for the electrical devices, which is unavoidable. You can make the impact smaller though, by choosing for appliances that are environmentally friendly and thus use a lot less energy. These kinds of devices often have a certification that they are a lot more energy efficient. LED lighting will also use far less energy for your lights than regular lighting.

It’s not impossible to build a log cabin without impacting the environment, you just need to know where you need to look and which changes you need to make. It can be as simple as changing your regular light bulbs out for LED light bulbs. A bigger impact will be caused by placing solar panels on your roof and thus using solar energy instead of gas or coal. It’s not a lot of work, but it will make a big difference.

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