Housing Market Blues: How to Get The Cabin You Deserve

Housing Market photo It’s no secret that the housing market isn’t the most welcoming place. According to research, consumer confidence is the lowest it’s been in years. It’s no surprise, then, that many existing homeowners are choosing to stay put rather than trying to find a new place to call home.

You may want to look at your own property first

So what does that mean for you log-cabin seekers? Well, unless you’re looking to get into the real estate game, it might mean that a brand new piece of property is too much hassle for you. Finding, financing, doing the build-out– no matter how relaxing those summer nights at your log cabin might be, you’ve got a ways to go before you get there. And that’s just on the buying side!

No matter how you go about it, buying and selling property is an intense commitment. There aren’t many people who would choose to do that on their free time unless they absolutely had to.

So why not think about an upgrade?

Upgrading your current house is an excellent way to get that log-cabin feeling without jumping into the deep-end of real-estate. There are a whole bunch of ways to go about it, too!

For instance, want that wilderness feel but still like the fact that you don’t have to drive a half hour for groceries? Then you might want to think about landscaping! Getting some greenery is a great way to spruce up (pun intended) your property. Take a look at this wildflower guide and this CSU wilderness gardening guide for more information on DIY wilderness!

Redecorating is another way to change things up. For that rustic feel, why not try some reclaimed decorations? We’re not the first ones to suggest it, but you can’t go wrong with some beautiful aged wood and retro-style fittings. If you’re stuck for ideas, check out this decoration blog.

There’s more you can do!

For those of us without a green thumb or an eye for decoration, home renovation is an excellent way to make your house feel like a vacation! We’ve blogged about this before, but there’s a lot to be said about taking your property into your own hands and making it your dream home. Projects like a trendy new patio or a reclaimed decoration kitchen are great places to start. To really get that log-cabin feel, though, you may want to think about a full conversion with our TruLog steel log siding. After all, nothing makes you feel like you’re in a log cabin like actually being in one!

We all could use a getaway. Whether you want to go through the hassle of actually getting one is something else entirely. If it seems like you’re stuck in one place, don’t worry! With TruLog, you can make that place feel like the vacation you deserve. Contact us today for a consultation!

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