7 Reasons to Install Horizontal Metal Siding

Horizontal lap siding is one of the most popular exteriors for residential homes, garages, sheds, barns, and studio structures. There are many types of siding that can be used, so homeowners don’t have to settle for outdated materials, like raw timber or vinyl. Horizontal metal siding is a better option that provides several distinct advantages.

Still on the fence about horizontal steel siding? Once you’re familiar with the benefits, the choice is easy. Take a look at these seven reasons to install horizontal steel siding on your building for better protection that lasts longer — and looks good!

1. Enhanced Durability

When compared to other lap siding materials, horizontal steel siding is simply more durable. Steel won’t crack, wrinkle, sag, or get scraped and punctured the way that other materials commonly do. Woodpeckers, insects, and fallen tree limbs can do serious damage to wood, leaving scrape marks and holes that compromise the integrity of the siding. 26-gauge horizontal steel siding can protect the home in a way that traditional siding materials cannot. The same goes for moisture damage, heavy wind, and prolonged sun exposure — steel is enhanced durability for the home.

2. Low-Maintenance

The enhanced durability of horizontal metal siding keeps the exterior looking and performing its best, and it also reduces the amount of maintenance and upkeep that homeowners can expect to endure over the years. Wood and concrete siding materials typically require significant maintenance — sanding, staining, and recaulking — every 2 to 3 years to maintain their performance and deal with the effects of sun and moisture damage. This adds up to a lot of time and money, which is why many homeowners prefer horizontal steel siding, a low-maintenance alternative that requires a mere rinse with a hose on occasion to keep a clean appearance.

3. Easy Installation

Another advantage of metal lap siding is that it’s easy to install. Some siding materials, like fiber cement, require installation to be completed by a certified professional. This is not the case with horizontal metal siding installation, which can be accomplished by experienced DIY-ers and homeowners without much hassle. In fact, many steel siding companies will ship the materials directly to the home, so homeowners can get to work right away. The design of each metal siding plank helps to simplify installation, and the nail strip and top lock are secured easily after snapping into place with the bottom lock. Plus, detailed videos are provided online so that homeowners can learn how to install horizontal metal siding correctly, even if it’s their first time working with the product. 

4. Fire-Resistant

Wood and vinyl products are particularly flammable. When a building catches fire, these materials can release pollutants into the air — while also helping the fire spread through the structure quickly. Fire-resistant materials are always a better choice for building a safer structure. High-quality horizontal steel siding products have a Class A Fire Rating, which can provide peace of mind.

5. Classic and Contemporary Styles

Performance is great, but the aesthetic appearance plays a big role in siding selection, too. Horizontal metal siding is available in a wide spectrum of colors, including natural wood colors like cedar, pine, and walnut, as well as more contemporary and trendy hues, like weathered grey and farmhouse white. In addition, horizontal metal siding products that feature realistic wood grain patterning can help boost the natural effect of structures looking for a cabin-style appearance or the traditional look of wood siding.

6. Suitable for Structures of All Sizes

Some siding options are only adapted for large building projects — but not steel siding. Whether you’re outfitting a massive, multi-level barndominium or a small storage shed, horizontal steel siding products are not limited to projects of a certain scale. Metal plank dimensions are usually 12-foot long by 9-inches tall, making them ideal for small sheds and large lodges alike. Since horizontal metal siding installation is so easy to work with, it allows projects to get accomplished relatively fast.

7. Value-Driven Investment 

There’s a lot at stake when homeowners are deciding how to protect the exterior of their home. Most individuals want their siding to be capable of performing for the long haul, regardless of strong storms or shifting style trends. Those who want a high-quality product that will stand the tests of time typically choose horizontal steel siding, because it is a value-driven investment in both style and performance. There is minimal maintenance involved with horizontal metal siding, saving money that may otherwise be spent on paint, stain, and caulking materials. Steel siding generally carries a 30-year warranty, and the integrity of steel stays intact particularly well, meaning it won’t require replacement for quite some time. All of these factors add up, making horizontal steel siding a great investment in the home.

Choose Trulog for High Quality Horizontal Siding

There are many more benefits to installing horizontal metal siding, but these seven reasons show just how valuable this exterior product can be! Contact the siding experts at Trulog today for more information on installation, durability, and pricing.

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