A Better Alternative to Board and Batten Siding from Home Depot

Board and batten siding is a popular style that dates back to the very first sawmills in the United States. It was the first milled siding and the first good alternative to the log cabins that were in use at the time. This siding extended from ground to roof vertically, with thin wood strips called battens fastened over the seams. This made the homes air and weather-tight, without the many chinks and gaps that were common with the wood cabins.

Today’s board and batten siding can be made of many different materials, and you can find it nearly anywhere, including at Home Depot. The Home Depot version is easy to find, but it’s not always the best material you can use for your home. In fact, steel board and batten from TruLog may be a better alternative.

Vinyl Siding

The board and batten siding that you can find at Home Depot is made of vinyl. It has a realistic looking wood grain, and is faster and easier to install than traditional board and batten, giving you even spacing and tight seams. 

While vinyl may be a lower maintenance material than wood, it’s not always the best material for every application. Vinyl is a type of plastic – polyvinyl chloride – and it looks and acts like a plastic both before and after it’s installed. From some stand points, this is good — it’s lightweight and easy to cut and move. 

Unfortunately, vinyl doesn’t hold up well in all climates or applications. It can soften and even melt in heat, so it doesn’t do well in hot climates. It can also become brittle and crack in the cold, so cold climates and climates that experience freeze thaw conditions don’t benefit from its installation either.

In high winds, vinyl’s light weight also works against it; it can actually be pulled right off a house. It can only truly work in very mild climates that don’t see a lot of storms or high winds. 

Vinyl also doesn’t last very long – about 20 years at the most. So, whatever you invest in your home’s exterior will need to be done again before too long, particularly if you live in a climate that it doesn’t react well to.

A Better Alternative


A better alternative to vinyl siding is steel siding. It addresses all of the issues that vinyl has, while still offering an easy to install and low maintenance material with a realistic looking wood grain and evenly spaced battens.

Steel board and batten siding from TruLog is also completely maintenance-free, not requiring repainting for its lifetime, so it outperforms both vinyl and wood. Steel is heat and flame-resistant, so it can be used in areas that are prone to wildfires, as well as hot climates. It’s not affected by the cold, so it works well in freeze thaw conditions. It won’t crack, soften, melt, splinter, peel, or chip, so it really can be the last siding that you need to install on your home. 

Steel board and batten siding is also easy to cut and install. You can cut it easily with snips – the same way you would cut vinyl – and it installs quickly with each panel locking onto the next. So, you’re getting the same ease of maintenance and installation as vinyl, but with better, more durable, and longer lasting results.

Expert Advice and Customer Service

Purchasing anything from Home Depot comes with varying amounts of advice and customer service. There’s no guarantee that the person that sells it to you will know how to best handle it, cut it, or install it. Since Home Depot sells thousands of different products, the knowledge that your salesperson will have about the material you buy may be passing at best.

Purchasing board and batten from TruLog comes with their expertise as well. They only make and sell steel siding, so they understand exactly how it works, installs, and performs, adn can answer the questions you may have. This means that you can purchase it with confidence, knowing that it’s going to work for you the way it’s intended, and not bring any surprises to the project. 

Get a Better Board and Batten Siding

Board and batten siding has one of the most classic looks for the exterior of a home. Whether you’re cladding a farmhouse or a rustic cabin, steel siding has the ability to offer durable, long lasting good looks, along with simple installation and low maintenance care. Don’t settle for what you’ll find in Home Depot; choose a material that is going to last, backed with excellent customer service and expert advice. 

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