Board and Batten Siding from The Home Depot

Home Depot board and batten may seem attractive at first, but there are quite a few concerns that builders should consider before settling on this siding choice. Finding fast and easy exterior solutions is important in today’s home renovation market, and while Home Depot board and batten offers some benefits, there’s a much better alternative to consider – especially for homeowners who value long-term performance, aesthetics, and durability.

Learn about some of the most common complaints that come with board and batten from Home Depot, to help find the best siding solution for your home.

Board and Batten 101: History and Modernization

Board and batten arrived on the scene much earlier than Home Depot! In fact, this traditional exterior siding technique was originally seen as a huge advancement in construction technology at the time. Since builders were used to dealing with inconsistencies in log shape and size when constructing log cabins by hand, the clean and consistent size of wood beams being churned out by mills allowed builders to create more energy-efficient structures with stylized exteriors.

The board and batten approach began as a quick and easy way to add siding to barns in rural areas. Large, flat beams were installed vertically, with a thin strip of wood (the batten) secured along each seam. This layout helped seal the structure and reduce gaps, which effectively helped these structures have greater energy efficiency and better overall protection from the elements.

While the board and batten style started as a practical siding solution, it quickly became clear that it offered a unique aesthetic quality as well. Today, many homeowners love the board and batten look because of its rustic charm, and the style can be found on homes from coast to coast.

Board and Batten Materials from The Home Depot

Home Depot board and batten options are good for giving homeowners access to this popular siding style. However, Home Depot board and batten products come with a lot of challenges in terms of maintenance and upkeep. There are two common materials to consider when shopping Home Depot board and batten: wood and vinyl.

Wood Board and Batten from The Home Depot

Home Depot board and batten can be constructed using lumber sold at the store, like cedar or pine planks. Creating the board and batten from wood allows homeowners to embrace the traditional aspect of this siding style. Wood tends to be a beautiful choice, as well.

However, wood board and batten from Home Depot also has its challenges. Because natural wood is considered a high-risk siding material, homeowners should be aware of these concerns. Wood is extremely vulnerable to moisture damage, which can cause rotting and mold growth. Flammability is another concern. In addition, sun exposure can cause natural wood board and batten siding to swell, shift, crack, and fade. Insect infestation is another risk.

To correct these issues, seasonal maintenance is essential. Homeowners should be ready to sand, caulk, and repaint the wood board and batten every two to three years to maintain its appearance and structural integrity.

Vinyl Board and Batten from Home Depot

The other option for board and batten at Home Depot is vinyl. One advantage of vinyl siding is that it tends to be affordable. Another advantage is that the sheets are fabricated to contain both the ‘board’ and the ‘batten’ meaning installation is quicker than with traditional wood siding projects.

Though it does have a wood grain pattern, Home Depot board and batten made from vinyl tends to be less realistic than wood, simply because of its composition. Vinyl is a type of plastic material – polyvinyl chloride – which means that it looks and acts like plastic. The composition makes it lightweight, but it also poses serious drawbacks, like unrealistic wood grain appearance, high flammability, the tendency to develop mold and mildew, and overall fragility.

Vinyl board and batten Home Depot options are available in a variety of colors, but they don’t offer the same depth of durability or long-term color consistency needed to maintain their allure.

A Better Alternative to Board and Batten Home Depot Siding

With a 30-year warranty, Class A Fire Rating, and HD wood grain finish that maintains its appearance, TruLog board and batten siding is the smart alternative that modern builders need. Crafted with exceptional design quality, board and batten siding from TruLog looks just like real wood – only it doesn’t have the same risks as Home Depot board and batten.

What’s the secret? Unlike Home Depot board and batten, TruLog siding is crafted from heavy-gauge steel with a corrosion-resistant barrier and UV protectant finish.

Installation is super fast and easy, since the siding sections are designed with a built-in nail strip and lock-in feature. WIth an array of modern and traditional colors to choose from – all with natural-looking wood grain patterns – TruLog offers the best board and batten option on the market.

Contact TruLog today to explore board and batten products that provide long-term durability and unmatched aesthetic value!

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