Head to Your Cabin for Valentine’s Day

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Photo by Wilson Hui

The best romantic date ideas

When you’ve been with your partner for a long amount of time it can become hard to think of original date ideas. You’ve been to dinner so many times and want to try something new, then you’ve come to the right place.

Visit a log cabin for a couple of days

If you want to extend your date then this is completely possible by spending a couple days away together while staying in a log cabin in the woods. There are few things more romantic than this. You two have nothing else to focus on but each other, so it is such to become an awesome weekend where you can reconnect and make some memories

Get some board games out of the closet

It may sound boring, but board games are making a resurgence in popularity.   In fact, Board Game Geek has a list of the best two player games just for couples.  Get a little nerdy on your log cabin getaway and incorporate a competition element into your dates.  It’s cheap, fun and engaging.

Go for a boat ride

When there is a beautiful lake near the log home where you live, this is ideal. If you don’t have your own dock, many lakes will have a boat rental or tour service that offers the option for a lake boat ride, possibly even at nighttime with dinner included. There are few things more romantic than gazing at the starts together while overlooking a big and beautiful blue lake, possibly with a glass of red wine in your hand.

Visit a jazz club

When you are tired of roughing it, maybe you need to get dressed up to the nines and enjoy a fancy night of jazz music and drinks? Then the local jazz club is where you want to be at with your date. It will be like you’re back in the 1930’s, which was a very romantic time. It’s not how most people will be spending their Friday night, so it’s original for sure.

Take a dance class

I mentioned that there are very few things more romantic than gazing at the stars, learning to tango together might be one of them. If you’re not married yet, then it might be good to start practicing, and even if you are or not planning to then it can be a lot of fun. There are so many different kinds of dances to choose from, so there will be one that both you and your partner enjoy.  If you want to find something a bit more rustic, you might try barn dancing.  If you are close to us in Northern Colorado you could try one of the events put on by Central Rockies Old-Time Music Association.

Go ice skating together

Since Valentines day is in February, that lake your log cabin is on might still be frozen over.   Other times of they year you can visit an indoor ice rink. One of you might know how to ice skate and can teach the other, or both of you are lost and can just hang onto each other. No matter the circumstances, it will be romantic and a lot of fun.

This is only a small portion out of all the fun date ideas that you can think of, but these will keep you sweet for a while.

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